Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Trip: Goodbye Iloilo, Hello Manila

We woke up early morning of Sunday to hear mass at Molo Church. From Super Terminal, we boarded a jeepney with the Molo signboard and was dropped in front of the church, where an ongoing mass is being held at the moment. Since the mass is being said in Hiligaynon, we decided to have our breakfast first in the nearby Chowking.

At 8am, we're already inside the church waiting for the mass to start. An old man was actually leading the churchgoers in practicing the songs and even pleaded for everybody's participation. Moments after, we're surprised that he was the parish priest lol.

Molo Church is considered as the only feminist church in
the country because it's filled with statues of female saints.

Molo Church is one of the few baroque-inspired
church architecture in the province and in the country.
After the mass, we went back to our hotel to prepare for our 12:25 pm flight back to Manila. And since all our bags were packed already, we spent our free time for some photo ops.

Roomies part 1
Wacky shot daw

Roomies part 2:)
The girls
We arrived at the airport an hour earlier, only to find out that our flight was delayed...AGAIN. And AGAIN a delayed flight is better than a cancelled flight. Safe touchdown in Manila at 3pm :)