Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas....

My entry drew inspiration from the "Wish Upon a Star" stuff that we did in school last week. All faculty members, non-teaching staff, and personnel we're asked to write their wish or what they want to have-material or not- for Christmas. In addition, we have to write our "specific" wish and forget about the "world peace" stuffs since it's too showbiz and generic, even if you really mean it. 

If you want a new boyfriend, you write it, our principal told us during the faculty meeting haha!That's how specific she wants us to be. Not a bad idea ;p Anyway, I helped in arranging the stars containing the teachers' wish. Some wished for a new boyfriend, peace of mind, stable job, a netbook, and a bottomless wallet with dollar denomination!Why not?hahaha who knows tooth fairy might make her wish come true. As for me, I only wrote a DSLR :)

Anyway, here's my "real" Christmas wishlist:
1. DSLR to capture important moments VIVIDLY especially during my escapades!Ang arte may vividly pang nalalaman haha! Or any camera will do. I want to have my own camera so that I won't have to borrow or ask permission for my mother if I can use hers.
2. Netbook so I can surf all day without consuming too much of our electricity (except when I'm charging it of course). Plus, I don't need to fight with my brother who is also internet-dependent!

3. A new pair of shoes from melissa!
4. Trip to somewhere with family and friends haha!
5.Wallet with bottomless cash :)
6.And lastly, as Mariah Carey's song says:
I don't want a lot for Christmas 
There's just one thing I need 
I don't care about the presents 
Underneath the Christmas tree 
I don't need to hang my stocking 
There upon the fireplace 
Santa Claus won't make me happy 
With a toy on Christmas day 
I just want you for my own 
More than you could ever know 
Make my wish come true 
All I want for Christmas is you 
You baby :D

May all of us have a blessed and wonderful Christmas :)

Bonding time

What I love about my current job is that when school's out, I'm on a vacation mode haha!Downside though is that I became lazier since I feel too complacent that I have enough time to attend to personal stuffs but ended up cramming in the end. Maybe cramming will always be a part of me. Haha! 

I love Christmas season  because of the following reasons: 1. no work for me since Christmas break is uso in my new job haha; 2.extra money; 3. GIFTS!GIFTS!GIIIIIIFTS!4. time for myself (naks!); 5. mall sales left and right! 6.bonding with family and friends (a must)!

NACS kids circa 2010
Anway speaking of bonding time, I rejoined my former ABS officemates for the company's street party last Friday before hitting 1029, a stone's throw away from the office. We stayed there for four hours----almost two hours were spent for the "getting-to-know" stuff and simple awarding ceremony ala NACS style while the remaining hours were spent for pure bonding---videoke and drinking session.  It feels great to bond and talk with these people again. I super miss them that's why I always make it a point to attend every gathering that the group will hold. I will always be a proud Kapamilya but I take more pride in being a NACS member haha drama mode. 

 Because of my recent bonding time with my officemates, I suddenly thought it would be a great idea to reunite with my HS friends over the weekend also. I always have this sentiment that we no longer spend time with each other like we used to. I mean, our houses were not that far away from each other since we're all from neighboring towns of Taytay, Cainta, and Antipolo. Haha! I can't believe that they're all available when I texted them that same day regarding my plan of a simple get-together dinner. Talagang natutuloy ang biglaang lakad! Love it haha! Our agenda for the day was only dinner since we also have some personal matters to attend to but I'm just grateful that we still make it a point to see each other once a year. Ironic haha!This is why I love the Christmas season because it gives each one of us a good excuse to see one another. 
Bonding with HS peeps
Tonight, I'll be out to meet with my college pals for some bonding time and maybe a little catching up to do. And who knows we might cook something for our summer bonding time (fingers crossed).

I'm just too glad and thankful for the two-week break because more than anything else, it gives me the opportunity to see and bond with the people close to my heart...a real a stress-buster and a welcome break from my boring routine.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at SPCP

Many things can be associated with the December month.Of course on top of the list are Christmas, gifts, monito monita, vacation, noche buena, lechon, and of course, Christmas parties!

Just this week, I attended three parties in school---- departmental (meaning the GS dept. only), institutional (faculty, personnel, admin, and other offices), and of course my own advisory class' party. I wasn't able to take pics during the other two parties since I forgot my camera haha!

I'm still adjusting to the "Paulinian" Christmas tradition since I've been there for only a month so EVERYTHING IS A NEW EXPERIENCE FOR ME!As in NEW! I wouldn't elaborate further even if I want to. I'd better keep whatever it is that I want to say or comment about the school's celebration to myself. Maybe I'll get used to it as time passes.Anyway, here's some photos I've taken yesterday during the class' simple salo-salo.  
Awarding ceremony daw

The girls enjoying their salo-salo

Pretty girls

Trying to evade the camera


Smile girls

My Gr.6 girls
With my "bolerang" Gr.6 girls