Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Each His Own: 5 Reasons Why I Don't Own a Planner

Gone are the days when only the secretaries of company officials write on planners to manage their bosses' daily, weekly,  monthly, and yearly schedules/activities which include business meetings left and right, executive check-ups, lunch with clients, or business presentations with a prospective investor.  Today, almost everyone owns at least one planner.

With only less than two months before we bid 2011 goodbye, most girls already started their own countdown of that fateful day they'll get hold of their 2012 planners. I think as early as September or October there were already online multiply shops that accept pre-orders of "girly" planners while I think the "coffee stamp" promo in exchange of a planner of a well-known coffee shop already started this month. Time to burn some money or beg your family, friends, colleagues, or classmates to buy coffee so that the barista will put more stickers to your coupon. This way, the chances of getting that much coveted planner is within reach already ;p 
? cups of coffee = ?coffee stamps=  1 planner
 Seriously, I really have nothing against people collecting or spending hundreds or thousands of pesos just to have those "in" planners. To each his own. I mean, who cares if they spend their hard-earned money on these's their hard-earned money right? And besides, if that will make them happy, to each his own. Though honestly speaking, I find it a little impractical. But as I've said, to each his own. 

I remember last year, days before my younger brother's Christmas party, mommy asked him how much is their exchange gift to which he answered P350. In my mind, I want to protest since it's too much but then again I realized it's their last year in high school so maybe a little consideration won't hurt even if our exchange gift that time only costs P250 boohooo. Next, mommy asked what does my brother plan to give to his "monita."  My ever innocent brother said: planner yung nasa wishlist nya. Belle de jour planner daw. Hearing his answer, I quickly commented in a very violent way: Sira ba siya? P350 nga yung exchange gift hindi P1000 up. I explained to mommy about the bdj planner. In the end, we bought her a K planner (as in short for Kris Aquino). SERIOUSLY? A 4th year hs girl wishing for a bdj planner, wish mo teh! Lol. Now I wonder if that girl is using the planner my brother gave her....

As for me, I never really got interested with these expensive planners..not even the cheap ones I saw in malls. In fact, my mother gave me a planner for two consecutive years...not because it's her gift but because somebody gave it to her and unfortunately, she's not a planner fan herself. Now you know where I'm coming from. Haha!

2009 rarely used  planner
2010 still rarely used planner 

I don't know if I will receive a planner next year...I hope not since I won't be using it anyway. I tried writing my schedule/activities in those planners before but I just really can't see myself updating it. After "too much pondering," I came up with five reasons why I don't own or use a planner.

1. I'm not really much of a busy person. I don't go into meetings or have an upcoming presentation with the bosses. I don't worry about research papers that I need to submit to my professor since I'm not currently enrolled in school. I live a routinary life so I don't need to be reminded of the things that I need to do or accomplish since it's all in my mind. But if I really have an important thing to do for that particular day....

2. I put reminders on my phone. I think this is more practical for me. I carry my phone everywhere I go and besides the alarm feature does a great job of reminding me of the things that I need to accomplish that day. Besides, cellphones are way handier than a planner which will take additional space on my bag. 

3. I'm not the girly girly type of person.  I'm not that much appreciative of girly stuff. The designs of the planner, the coupons that you'll get (though I think they're cool!) from it , and the whole idea of "journaling" every single activity or task that you need to do. Errr, okay this one's a little bit off haha! I can't think of a reason anymore haha moving on...

4. I hate writing. Ironically, I really hate jotting down notes unless it's really really really in matter of life-and-death kind of important situation. Yes, I am a writer who dislikes writing or doodling unless I'm extremely bored. I'd rather type than write it.

5. I don't need a planner to motivate me.  I believe people get motivated to finish their task from different sources. What works for others may not work for the other half. There are some people who write their schedules/activities for the day to guide and motivate them that they need to finish all these things while there are people who would rather act to make things done. Less planning, more action. I don't write in my planner because the tasks are in my mind and I don't want to disappoint myself if I fail to achieve my goals. I think the plans in my mind are more effective than the plans written in my planner. I mean, at least I don't have to follow a schedule of the things that I need to do for that particular day because what if the situation gets altered right? You need to make adjustments quickly and forget about all your plans for that day because what's important is the "unexpected" situation that you should deal with. Besides, if I limit myself to the tasks for that day alone, I might not be encouraged to do other things because it's no longer included in my to-do list.  As they say, do what you can do today. If you're too focused on your goals for that day and there's still enough time to do other things, why not start another task immediately? Am I making sense?Haha

Having a planner is not a bad idea because it helps in motivating people with their daily tasks. It's just sad that there are some who just go with the flow of owning one without any intention of following what they've written on it. It's just sad to know that some people get a planner for the sake of owning one because it's the "in thing." Planners should serve as a daily reminder to give your best each day, to perform your job better, and to be more productive as an individual. Unless you act on your plans, those plans will remain simply as written plans.


  1. I badly need a planner, I need it to record my work eh. :)

  2. my planner isn't really a planner. i transformed it into a journal. but the sad thing is, hanggang july lang ako masipag mag-update. The rest of the year, halos blank na yung pages. natatamad na ako i-accomplish sya. plus, i have a blog naman. and yeah, it's tiring to write.

    i'd love to have a planner for 2012, so kung may planner ka at ayaw mo gamitin, i'm just here, ok? :) or if you're generous and if you really love me, you might as well buy me a tablet na lang para easier and techier yung journal entry writing. thanks, yey!

    Wala kang pasok? can't text. same Globe issue. haha. Ako, may pasok mamaya. Boo!

  3. @ michy: okay lang yan, as I've said owning a planner motivates people in their jobs.

    @dez: haha sige pag binigyan ako ng planner, bebenta ko sayo, 80%off pa presyong pangkaibigan ^_^ awww kawawa ka naman at may pasok ka tsk

  4. Yeah, and I tend to forget things. I do so many things outside work as well.haha! :)

  5. You are lucky. Ako naman if I don't write it down, boom, wala na. I forget it na. I'm a planner girl.

  6. I feel you. I've been hoarding Belle de Jour planners since 2008 and it's only on the first few months that I'm motivated to write. But come 2011, I learned how to fully utilize my planner and made it a short diary to document my plans and appointments (nagkabaliktad, writing after the task has been done XD)

  7. the only time i have an organizer / planner was when i was graduating from college. yun lang bitbit ko sa klase.

  8. no planner here too, cuz the guy upstairs (or downstairs, not sure) does the planning for me :)

  9. @michy: haha in that case, kelangan mo talaga ng organizer.
    @kay: as I've said di naman kasi ako busy tas ang wala din naman ako masyadong priorities nakakahiya naman kung makalimutan ko pa yung mga yun at least in your case it's understandable
    @sumi: ang tamad ko lang talaga when it comes to that. but during my "sipag days" of updating my planner, ganun din ako. after nung mga ginawa ko tska ko sya isusulat sa planner joke time haha
    @totomai:ahaha ayus.
    @rene: wow, deep naman nun hehe

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