Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's only recently when people started to pay attention to the importance of walking as a form of exercise because exercise is often associated with strenuous activities such as running, swimming,or going to the gym.  Walking is seen as an ordinary human activity such as eating, sleeping, and even farting but unlike these activities, walking burns many calories in the body.

Experts say that 10,000 steps daily makes the heart healthy. I'm sure you heard this maybe some three to five years ago but surprisingly, this belief was shared and even practiced back in the 60s in Japan and was called Manpokei program to encourage them to live an active lifestyle.And look what this program did to their people---they're one of the countries with the most number of old people.
My muscles still ache until now after joining Run for the Pasig River last 11.20.11. I admit that I haven't been walking a great distance lately so I kinda expected this one to happen. The last time I joined a fun run was back in highschool as part of our school fair celebration. But that was just a 3km run/walk. This time, I (was) registered (surprise, surprise) in a 5k run....excluding the walking distance between P.Gil LRT station until Quirino Grandstand. Whew!

As early as 5am participants were all gathered in their assigned clusters. There are even some people who claimed they were there as early as 4am since it's the time set by the organizers. But then again, you're in the Philippines following a Filipino Time. Naku, ayaw ni Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez at DOST nyan!

Anyway, our cluster started to walk at around 6am already. Yes, we walked almost 4km simply because there's too many people who joined the said fund-raising activity that's why it's impossible to run. Oh by the way, it took us more than 2 hours to finish the whole 5km run haha! Sinong may sabi hindi pwedeng magka "human traffic" di ba? But I heard the 10km and 21km participants finished theirs in less than two hours. Walang trapik e!   

ABS-CBN Foundation's Run for Ilog Pasig has always been a successful event and it's not surprising because you know that you're running for a good cause---that is, saving the once celebrated Ilog Pasig and improving the lives of people. I always admire ABS-CBN Foundation peeps because behind their "rich kid" appearance and manner of speaking that left me and my former officemates amazed with how these conyotic people actually help clean the esteros, they really have a good heart.

Kudos to the ABS-CBN Foundation's another successful Run For Ilog Pasig and of course the participants who really made big sacrifices for this event.
Finally, nagmove na din ang crowd!
Go USTE!Go USTE! Go USTE! Go,go,go,go!
"Human Traffic" build-up
"Human Traffic" build up ver.2
Uyyy, maluwag sila dito pwede na tumakbo.
More than half of the runners were students. Hello FEU! ^_^

My frustrated brother...di daw makatakbo e
ABS lang ang may ganyan lol
Hurrah finish line! After more than 2 hours
With Adriel..natapos din namen!yehey


  1. Sana sa SLEX na lang ginawa yan o sa commonwealth. Tingnan ko lang kung di makatakbo ang participants.

    Anyway, I'm sure you did enjoy the event. Kudos to you! =)

  2. hahaha oo nga no sana next time sa commonwealth haha kaso hindi na daw kasi makikita yung improvements nung mga nalinis na estero haha

  3. My little sis was here too, requirement nila for NSTP. Funny how she told me na wala daw siyang pake kahit siya lang lumalakad and lahat tumatakbo. Then on the event itself, lahat daw halos naglakad.. :) But I agree, walking is a good exercise.

  4. ahaha true! mga 10secs lang ako nakatakbo dahil super dami ng tao. but it's worth it naman and I think I had more than 1k steps during that event