Friday, November 11, 2011

Returning the favor

"Real drivers" are rare to find nowadays. They are the ones who really knows how to drive and not just to run the vehicle at a speed of 100km/hr. If you're looking for a "real driver" who will take you to your destination safe and sound, don't ever consider going to Cubao. Why?

overloading+speeding + swerving/cutting lanes+ irritating potpot sounds + LOOOOOUD music= 'nuff said.  

As a commuter since college, I encountered several drivers whose personalities are all the same: magugulang! Yung tipong hindi nagbibigay ng sukli unless you remind them. Mga pasimpleng nakalimutan DAW ibigay yung sukli. DUH.

Taxi drivers are different species though. 

But there are also drivers who are nice, honest, and generous.

Example 1:  Way back in college, I boarded a jeep bound for LRT and sat at the passenger seat next to manong driver and his conductor. I don't know what they find amusing in me that time.  I was surprised that in the middle of our little chitchat with them teasing me, they gave me a P5 discount despite not wearing my school uniform that day. As I jumped off the jeep, they reminded me to take care and even told me, wag ka mag-alala mahal ka nun. Wow, may love advice?close?! Hahaha 

Example 2:  This happened in my college days again. I sat at the back of the conductor's seat so that I could somehow rest. But kuya konduktor made little conversations and that time I wanted to shut him up since I'm drained that day but since I project a good girl image (walang kokontra), I just ride with whatever he says. Soon, sleep eluded me. As I handed him my P20 bill to pay for my fare, he gave me a  P3 discount which is not that bad. Haha!

Example 3:  Kuya tricycle driver in our subdivision forced me to hitch in his three-wheel drive that's headed to the FX terminal in SM haha. On second thought, dapat lang since I'm a regular rider no! 

Example 4: Tonight, I encountered the most generous and nicest FX driver I met in my 24 years of existence! He was nice and chatted me up the entire travel which I really appreciate. We exchange a couple of stories and ideas...not to mention his pambobola that I look young to be working. May gatas pa sa labi, as he said. He was also thankful and called me his lucky charm for that night because he was able to earn more than what he expected far that trip alone since the turnover of passengers was pretty quick and I think that gave him a + P100 take home that night. He was really thankful all throughout the trip and I find it flattering and weird at the same time! Haha anyway, as we neared our subdivision, big raindrops started to pour. He reminded me of his promise that he'll drop me and advised me to take the tricycle inside our subdivision so I that don't get wet. The surprising thing he said: SAGOT KO NA PANG TRICYCLE MO.  Did he just say that? True enough, as I prepare to unload from his fx he handed me a bill and I was thankful because it's the first time that such thing happened to me. Just imagine a hardworking FX driver who gave away a small portion of his daily earnings to a complete stranger like me who has no financial obligations at all...I'm deeply touched T.T

I decided to walk since it's no longer raining. Besides, walking under a full moon relaxes me.I kept the bill that manong gave me. I was just surprised when I found out that the bill he handed me was:
Haha I was really shocked I don't know what to say. He was really that thankful to me that he gave me back  my P50 haha panalo! I won't forget this night.   


  1. pay it forward ... always pay those kindness forward :)

  2. This entry somehow serves as a reminder that not all drivers are selfish and madudugas.. :) I never encountered drivers as generous as those you've met, but there were some who shared wise words which I live up to until now.. :)

    Hope we encounter more nice drivers in our commuting endeavors! ^^

  3. @kay: Yes. I just realized I made a good deed in the office yesterday so maybe, eto yung kapalit :)

    @Sumi: agree. I hope more drivers will be like kuya---appreciative and nice.

  4. baka si kuya na ang destiny mo!