Sunday, July 4, 2010

Madspeaks signing-in

Creating this new blog would be my last attempt to revive the pseudo-writer in me. I don't know if I can still post on a regular basis but right now, what I really want is just to write just like the old days.The only difference is, I will try to write more with sense (and hopefully, I can).

No good topic running in my mind at present.Okay, honestly, I am thinking of giving my thoughts on P-Noy finally assuming office, his inaugural speech that gave the use of sirens or "wang-wangs" its claim to fame status (PD 69 was thus created in order to get rid of vehicles that have sirens on them. In all fairness it's a pretty decent order. However, P-Noy's government should create more laws that would be more helpful and vital. Implementing proper traffic laws is a good start but Filipinos should stop sensationalizing how great the president is for following traffic rules, etc. Cmon! The guy's got six years to prove himself and there's more to shutting other people's siren-equipped vehicles), and Rep.-elect Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's greed for power. Ah, whatever happened to this promising official?Too much power is really bad.

Perhaps, in the days to come, or who knows in a couple of hours, I can finally write something worth-reading and not just rants. So for now, I'll just consider this as my first official entry after a three-year hiatus from my blogging life. Hoping writer's block will not be that often because seriously, I really miss writing.

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