Monday, July 5, 2010


All by myself, I wandered in the woods
the hissing of snakes made me feel I'm no longer on my own.

Walking slowly in a dark and long alley
I am clueless of what awaits me at the end of the road.

Then there was a beautiful light, shining so bright
I'm almost blinded to see what's on the other side.

I swim a river, although I do not know how to, and managed to get to the other side
without getting drowned.
Jumping tirelessly from cloud to cloud, my feet feeling its soft and cotton-like texture
though it's just suspended droplets of water, I did not fall to the ground.

Then suddenly everything went black...and red..and black.

Running as fast as a cheetah,
I tried to elude---
shadows chasing me;
faceless creatures going after me;
silhouettes grabbing every part of me
until I become their capture- restless, weak, powerless.

Blurred image of a man appeared out of nowhere
then he grabbed my head and buried his sharp fingernails in my scalp.
He kept on whipping me and I can feel the gushing of my blood.
I cried in pain. No voice came out from my mouth, though.

Then I suddenly realized I'm free and started to run for my dear life.

But I can hear his loud and deep laughter
getting closer and closer.
I am still confused with what is happening.
I keep on running and running
until my supply of air becomes scarce.

Dead end.
me versus him.
I am already tired;
ready to give up;
deal with my fate.
My fate that now rests on this blurred image.

As he lift his hand for a final blow
I shut my eyes tightly hoping that when I open them again
I'll see rainbow, waterfalls, butterflies, and flowers.

But I can feel his hands squeezing my neck tighter and tighter,
strangling me to death.
I struggle to get past him,
thinking of hundred ways to get his hands off me so I can breathe normally.

But he's too powerful. I accepted my fate. I am doomed. This is my end.
Everything remains black and dark.
My eyes are still shut hoping by doing so, I'll be numb
but I can still feel every pain and every struggle to live.
And I continue gasping for air...I'm running out of air.
Oh, God. Please let me live longer.

I made up my mind.
If this will be my end, might as well see the face of my unidentified perpetrator up close.
Regardless of what or who he looks like, I want to know his face.
I want to remember every detail.

And so I opened my eyes...
to the sound of voices gathered around me and waking me up.

And I started to breathe normal again.

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