Sunday, March 20, 2011

Por Tres: A tribute

My love-hate-love-hate relationship with my 43 girls is really crazy!No matter how I hate or loathe them (haha!) most of the time, I have to admit that they already earned a special place in my heart. They're makulit, noisy, loud-mouthed individuals, hard-headed, lazy, messy, crazy, and most of all unpredictable but I have to admit that they are sweeeeeet in their own little ways.

I'll never forget the thank you letters I received during our last day, the expensive gifts (bwahaha) last Christmas, the chocolates on ordinary days, flowers and song numbers during PAD celebration, and most of all the everyday complements such as "teacher you look beautiful" or "teacher your skirt's nice" and the hugs that I get in the morning, lunch break, and dismissal time.

Yes, I will miss them first 43 babies. They don't know it since I'm not that vocal of how much I (learned to) love them but really, they are the 43 souls that I will not forget. Most of the time I shouted at them because of their attitude and secretly cursed them (joke) but really, I wish them well in their studies.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twenty four years

To be honest, I thought I wouldn't reach my 24th birthday because of the 8.9 magnitude quake that hit Japan last friday. Haha!I mean, anything can happen in the next 24 or 36 or even 72 hours after that tragedy. Good thing and thank God that nothing bad happened to the Philippines. But still, my deepest sympathy to all the victims and their families.
My "special" day went well and ordinary. I slept at 2am after trying to finish and recording grades and woke up at past 8 in the morning. Birthday text messages greeted me while the people here in our house also made it a point to irritate me first before greeting me. Sweet right?!?

Finally, I watched Tangled and was surprised that Rapunzel is also celebrating her birthday that day haha. If she's amazed with the flying lanterns during her birthday, the pyromusical competition captured my interest!Hahaha I really told my mom to bring me there for my birthday and despite the heavy traffic that will await us there, she agreed. And my, my,my I was really ecstatic to see Australia and our very own fireworks display!It really made my day :)

And speaking of making my day special, I really want to thank all the people who made an effort to make this day a memorable one.

-my family of course especially my mom. haha I never thought that they prepared a little surprise for me during our dinner. Well, she asked the resto's staff to sing me a happy birthday song (complete with tanborine lol) and I was touched and ashamed both at the same time haha
- you you you!haha although you didn't greet me at exactly past 12 like you did last year, I am touched and kilig especially when you greeted me on my wall harhar. Too bad, I still need to see your effort in making my day special just like what I did during your special day!there's always a post-birthday celebration (good thing you cannot read this one haha!);
-my former officemates and classmates....thank you for still  (I'd like to assume they really did haha)remembering my special day (well, thank you FB for such birthday alerts);
-and lastly to my friends especially to Clara who made an effort to call me (although I didn't answer her call, sorry). To Shelly for a sweet collage pic of ours and of course, to my ever beloved pancakes Dez for dedicating an entry just for me. sweet sweet!thanks girls I really really love you mwah >.<

So, that's how I spent my birthday. Simple yet memorable. I'll try to post some pics in the following days.For now, just my sincerest gratitude to all those who made their presence felt not only during my birthday but when I need them.
Happy birthday to meeeeee ;p (photo credit here)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Signs of the times?

I'm really clueless as to what is happening today until mommy called a while ago.I just woke up and about to start my agenda for the day when she told me to watch the news. I asked why and she said that an 8.9 magnitude quake just hit Japan.

Catastrophe like this is just heart-breaking to watch. Never mind the infrastructures walloped by big waves. Never mind the cost of the damage to the properties. But people's lives that were taken away because of this unfortunate incident is the most depressing effect of this tragedy. 

The Philippines is included in the list of the countries that were given a tsunami warning and people living in 19 provinces that are at high risk or near the coast line areas are instructed to evacuate as early as now. Said tsunami is expected to hit these provinces between 5 and 7 pm and as of the moment, the beautiful island of Batanes expects tsunami to hit them anytime soon.

With all these unfortunate series of events that's happening right and left---strong earthquakes and tsunami to name a few--- the question of is the world coming to an end resurfaces once more. The Mayans predicted that 2012 would mark the end of the world.

I suddenly remembered a docu shown at Nat Geo last year regarding the 2012 myth. Although the arguments made sense, I'd like to believe that life on earth will continue beyond 2012. I simply believe. I have faith in God that He will not destroy the earth anytime soon. Maybe not in this lifetime.

Instead of speculating that the world is about to end, I think people should pray instead for the safety of everybody.Because during these times, I believe that God is our only hope and strength.May God protect and keep us safe.

PS: Let's pray for everybody's safety and most especially for the people of Japan to get past this tragic event in their lives.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

De-stressing thyself

Maybe it's the "vacation mode" atmosphere that's why I'm so very lazy the past few days even if I keep on reiterating that I'm one "busy" yuppie. As early as Sunday, I already told myself that I should accomplish this, finish that, and submit this one on time so that in the end I wouldn't cram that much. I've been a little bit successful but still I'm frustrated since I know that time is slowly running out and I need to work doubly hard if I want an early hassle-free vacation this summer.

Argh!This life's too stress-FULL to handle and I don't know if I can still manage it. I always find myself glued on the internet doing petty things that should have spent doing important works like rechecking of papers and answering books but I'm too tired to do all of these things as of the moment..or maybe, I'm just too lazy haha!Anyhow, I'm keeping my hopes up that everything will turn out fine especially in this crucial month. and that I would be cleared from all liabilities.I hope that my stubborn 43 anaks would all accomplish the forms that I told them to pass. I really hope they took my words very seriously because I need to implement that strict policy or I will suffer in the end...that's the last thing on my mind. I long suffered from this class physically and emotionally. So, let's just see if they will still be hard-headed spoiled brats. Makikita nila sino ang tunay na batas. Bwahahaha

And up until now, I'm still wondering why am I so lucky for landing this stressful job?Compared with my two other "batchmates" I felt that I was punished the most!My co-teachers already warned me of the toxic life of floating teacher. I thought they're just scaring me or something but then they are telling the truth. But I'll reserve my stories some other time. Right now, I am just de-stressing myself.

And speaking of de-stressing,  I just thought of posting my all-time favorite song Bliss by Alice Peacock ft. John Mayer (or is it the other way around?haha I don't care, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the song). I don't know what it is with this song but everytime I hear it, there's this magic that I ended up feeling refreshed, relaxed, and peaceful. It's my official stress-buster song! Lol.

It's such a disappointment, though, that I can't find a good video .Anyway, here it is,minus John Mayer on it.

Sanity, please don't leave me.Not at this point.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Almost there


I can't contain how happy, accomplished, and proud I am of myself today because I was able to finish the tasks for my schooling. Yeahboi! After almost four months of attending DLE, I can say that I am a survivor in my own right haha. The first few weeks were easy until the readings get harder and activities become frequent. I had a hard time coping because I can't understand what I am reading. It came to a point that I really want to give up and just drop all my subjects. I just want to stop right there and then. But if I decided to do it, I will only disappoint and more importantly, waste my mother's money. Despite my being hopeless and discouraged (especially when I was asked to make three revisions of an activity!) during those disappointing times, I still composed and motivated myself. I need to finish this one. I am the type of person who will finish what I have started. I will reach the finish line, no matter what. I need to hold on and be patient....patience...patience, even if I'm already running out of it.

And  hardwork, determination, and patience did pay-off. The semester's done. All the requirements were submitted. The tests were done! I'm now a free student lol

Okay, one down, two more to go. UBD, you're next! Grades, wait for me.
Slowly, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel hurrah!Just one more more grueling week and I'll have my semi-life back: stress and worry-free, no pressure, no readings on the four-pronged approach or Schemata theory, no concepts about electric, geothermal, and thermal power plants, and most of all no makukulit kids to deal with! 

Just one more grueling week and hello Chuck, Tangled, and some books that I'm planning to stock up this summer. Well I only have three books in mind and any suggestions for good reads will be very much appreciated. Oh, and I'm planning also to download good movies. To be honest, I haven't seen Eat, Pray, and Love, Black Swan, and Social Network. IKR, I'm such a loser when it comes to movies, so yeah that would be noted in my to-do list this summer. A must this summer!
One more week.One more week. One more week.! I'm almost there. I'm hanging on :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mission (un)Accomplished!

Disappointment is bad.
My ultimate goal for the day is to finish my final exam in one more subject but from the looks of it, it's either I  will do it tomorrow or cram on Monday night....and the submission is on Tuesday already!To set the record straight, it's not me being lazy at all. In fact, I am determined and motivated to finish this one last task for my schooling because that means I can focus more on accomplishing the requirements that I need to pass on time in school like recording and encoding grades, checking of test papers, reading IP reports that I haven't checked yet, organizing files of my advisory class, and finishing UBDs which I am 100% clueless of! Oh, Lord, I lift everything to You now. 

So what's the problem why my final exam is still on hold? My professor and her vague instructions! 

I'm really having a hard time with her subject...and the distance learning education as well. Self-studying is fine with me but if the concepts are too hard to understand, the teacher should at least make an effort to check from time to time if we fully understand everything in the modules. It's not enough that we answer the posted questions on the discussion board weekly. We need someone to process all these inputs and that's what I miss about the traditional classroom setup wherein teacher-student interaction is real time.If you don' t understand the lesson all you have to do is to ask your teacher to explain the concepts again and the teacher willingly explains everything to you---from start to finish. In our setup, it would take us months before our professors or tutors would give us a feedback on something that we assumed we comprehended. Worst, they give us activities regarding these lessons! How could you execute something if you don't understand its basic foundations?It's really hard right? Or maybe it's just hard for someone who is not A-smart like me haha!

 I just wish that she will reply to my email tonight so that I can start working on this one. I want NEED to finish it TONIGHT because there are many things that I need to accomplish this week so that the bulk of work during the third week will not be too heavy.

Good luck to me!