Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twenty four years

To be honest, I thought I wouldn't reach my 24th birthday because of the 8.9 magnitude quake that hit Japan last friday. Haha!I mean, anything can happen in the next 24 or 36 or even 72 hours after that tragedy. Good thing and thank God that nothing bad happened to the Philippines. But still, my deepest sympathy to all the victims and their families.
My "special" day went well and ordinary. I slept at 2am after trying to finish and recording grades and woke up at past 8 in the morning. Birthday text messages greeted me while the people here in our house also made it a point to irritate me first before greeting me. Sweet right?!?

Finally, I watched Tangled and was surprised that Rapunzel is also celebrating her birthday that day haha. If she's amazed with the flying lanterns during her birthday, the pyromusical competition captured my interest!Hahaha I really told my mom to bring me there for my birthday and despite the heavy traffic that will await us there, she agreed. And my, my,my I was really ecstatic to see Australia and our very own fireworks display!It really made my day :)

And speaking of making my day special, I really want to thank all the people who made an effort to make this day a memorable one.

-my family of course especially my mom. haha I never thought that they prepared a little surprise for me during our dinner. Well, she asked the resto's staff to sing me a happy birthday song (complete with tanborine lol) and I was touched and ashamed both at the same time haha
- you you you!haha although you didn't greet me at exactly past 12 like you did last year, I am touched and kilig especially when you greeted me on my wall harhar. Too bad, I still need to see your effort in making my day special just like what I did during your special day!there's always a post-birthday celebration (good thing you cannot read this one haha!);
-my former officemates and classmates....thank you for still  (I'd like to assume they really did haha)remembering my special day (well, thank you FB for such birthday alerts);
-and lastly to my friends especially to Clara who made an effort to call me (although I didn't answer her call, sorry). To Shelly for a sweet collage pic of ours and of course, to my ever beloved pancakes Dez for dedicating an entry just for me. sweet sweet!thanks girls I really really love you mwah >.<

So, that's how I spent my birthday. Simple yet memorable. I'll try to post some pics in the following days.For now, just my sincerest gratitude to all those who made their presence felt not only during my birthday but when I need them.
Happy birthday to meeeeee ;p (photo credit here)

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