Sunday, March 6, 2011

Almost there


I can't contain how happy, accomplished, and proud I am of myself today because I was able to finish the tasks for my schooling. Yeahboi! After almost four months of attending DLE, I can say that I am a survivor in my own right haha. The first few weeks were easy until the readings get harder and activities become frequent. I had a hard time coping because I can't understand what I am reading. It came to a point that I really want to give up and just drop all my subjects. I just want to stop right there and then. But if I decided to do it, I will only disappoint and more importantly, waste my mother's money. Despite my being hopeless and discouraged (especially when I was asked to make three revisions of an activity!) during those disappointing times, I still composed and motivated myself. I need to finish this one. I am the type of person who will finish what I have started. I will reach the finish line, no matter what. I need to hold on and be patient....patience...patience, even if I'm already running out of it.

And  hardwork, determination, and patience did pay-off. The semester's done. All the requirements were submitted. The tests were done! I'm now a free student lol

Okay, one down, two more to go. UBD, you're next! Grades, wait for me.
Slowly, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel hurrah!Just one more more grueling week and I'll have my semi-life back: stress and worry-free, no pressure, no readings on the four-pronged approach or Schemata theory, no concepts about electric, geothermal, and thermal power plants, and most of all no makukulit kids to deal with! 

Just one more grueling week and hello Chuck, Tangled, and some books that I'm planning to stock up this summer. Well I only have three books in mind and any suggestions for good reads will be very much appreciated. Oh, and I'm planning also to download good movies. To be honest, I haven't seen Eat, Pray, and Love, Black Swan, and Social Network. IKR, I'm such a loser when it comes to movies, so yeah that would be noted in my to-do list this summer. A must this summer!
One more week.One more week. One more week.! I'm almost there. I'm hanging on :)

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