Sunday, March 20, 2011

Por Tres: A tribute

My love-hate-love-hate relationship with my 43 girls is really crazy!No matter how I hate or loathe them (haha!) most of the time, I have to admit that they already earned a special place in my heart. They're makulit, noisy, loud-mouthed individuals, hard-headed, lazy, messy, crazy, and most of all unpredictable but I have to admit that they are sweeeeeet in their own little ways.

I'll never forget the thank you letters I received during our last day, the expensive gifts (bwahaha) last Christmas, the chocolates on ordinary days, flowers and song numbers during PAD celebration, and most of all the everyday complements such as "teacher you look beautiful" or "teacher your skirt's nice" and the hugs that I get in the morning, lunch break, and dismissal time.

Yes, I will miss them first 43 babies. They don't know it since I'm not that vocal of how much I (learned to) love them but really, they are the 43 souls that I will not forget. Most of the time I shouted at them because of their attitude and secretly cursed them (joke) but really, I wish them well in their studies.


  1. i knew it, you'll love your 'anaks' no matter how hard headed they are. way to go miss estrada :)

  2. ahahahaha adik lang kaw talaga hugs day. IM still waiting for your blog

  3. haha! im still working on it dayday:P