Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IT's official

I came up with the title simply because the two important things that I'm looking forward to materialize (fine, the proper term is to formalize) already happened this week. Finally, thank you dear God for answering my prayers and relieving me from all my unnecessary worries.

Now, on to the story. 

It's official!!!!I'm set to start with my Professional Teaching Certification (PTC) program on the sixth while assuming the substitute teacher post on the eight. I'm really excited and nervous with these new endeavours in my life---juggling work and household chores is already a challenge since the last thing on my mind is to clean the house or prepare our food. But come November, I know that juggling work, household responsibilities, and studying will be a struggle for me. Suddenly I remembered Ms. Jingle's wise words while she was talking to me regarding my plans of leaving: Maybe you have too much on your plate; Why do you have to "punish" yourself; It's better to be good at one thing than being a mediocre on two different things. I admit that she really a got a point but I just realized that I need to push myself to the limit to see how far can I go. I need to do these things so that I can prove to myself that nobody can interfere with my plans or controls my life better than I do. And I'm hoping that everything will fall according to my plan *fingers crossed*

Positivity. Positivity.

Interview with the Directress
Despite my job hopping spree in the past and a series of job interviews, I still got nervous days before the big day. I know it's weird for me to feel that way since final interviews, more or less, are only conducted for formality's sake. Anyhow, the interview was smooth-sailing. The Directress was super nice and cool :) The moment I stepped in her office, I felt her warm reception. She was not intimidating at all unlike my Dominican grade school principal I'm a little bit afraid of back then hehe. She has a charming and very positive personality that's very evident on the way she speaks and tells stories. And mind you, she's really makwento and even shared various"inside stories" to caution, motivate, and guide me so that I won't take the wrong path. Amen sister. 

The highlight of the interview for me, by the way, is when she told me that I should be wise in making decisions especially in my personal life--- am I taking the path of single-blessedness, married life, or vocation? Hehe. Honestly, I'm not really paying much attention to this aspect of my life so I don't know which path to take. Whether "he" comes or not, life will still go on for me.But this I'm somehow certain: entering the convent is not an option for me. I can still serve God even if I'm enjoying my single-blessedness ;p

Anyway, I'm still expecting a call from them for our "coaching session." 

Enrollment day
I imagined long lines, overcrowded corridors, and a little bit chaotic mood during the enrollment period since I'm accustomed to this kind of scenario. But I was surprised that the whole enrollment process was hassle-free that it only took me more or less half an hour to pay my fees and get the books that I needed. Yipeeee!!! Talking about comfortability there huh?;p Anyway, a big thanks to Dez for accompanying me since I'm afraid to get lost in UP campus hahaha!Anyway, had our lunch in Flaming Wings since I'm really curious why a friend's raving about it so badly for some months now. I made a little research before about its Katipunan branch before and I was nervous that day thinking that when we get to the place, it would be full and occupied by many Areneans (not typo error haha). Thank goodness, we're one of the earliest customers :) The food was good and yeah, my curiosity's been satisfied. I was just disappointed with their wicked oreos since it's been getting good reviews so Dez and me decided to give it a try...only, we appreciated the vanilla ice cream more hehe
Flaming wings

Chow time with Dez after enrollment 
Mild and hot with cheese dip

Smokey barbeque with honey mustard dip

Wicked oreos

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet and short

'Twas a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong day for me. Sudden change of plans due to some "emergency" is something I didn't expect to happen (and welcome) this fine day. Nevertheless I'm more relieved than ever :D

Or should I really be? hmmmmm

Motivation of the day: Fight fight fight!

Will try to expound on the matter in the future haha. For now, this will do it.

Btw, some random thoughts I need to share:
-single-blessedness, marriage, or vocation? 
-Melissa's last day sale in ABS waaaaaaaah * panic mode*
-faculty meeting...seriously? hehe
-chicks rule really rules.... and forever we'll be together amen amen:D
-feeling unsafe with our house's current situation tonight. Oh please guardian angels, do your part tonight in safeguarding our humble nest
-and the "scent" of cement and hollow blocks that linger nyaaaks
-konti na lang...I'm really bankrupt.poorita!
-phone's getting iritating...seriously I wanna throw it a while ago
-eyebags...zombie eyes...we share the same prob debra jane. hang-on we'll surpass this test chos!
-okay, that's a hint that I should sleep by now hehe.

Hoping tomorrow will be hassle-free. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My two last entries were full of negative vibes due to the reasons I stated there. A while ago, I just remembered the very purpose why I decided to resurrect my blog: to create happy and positive entries so that when I reread it especially if I am down or frustrated with my life, there's something to remind me of life's goodness. I want to write about happy thoughts, fond memories, and even self-realizations but hatred and frustration especially with other people?Perhaps I'll consider pouring out my frustration but the feeling of anger or hate towards other people DO NOT and WILL NOT deserve a place in my humble blog.

I know that negative feelings will have a space in this blog, but I told myself that even if I can't avoid such thing, I'll see to it that entries that carry negative vibes are only limited to the happenings in my life only and do not include the people in the past that hurt or offended me, my family, and my friends. It's so highschool-ish to do that, don't you think? So what if people stepped at you, degraded you, or incurred too much pain on you in the past? It's time to let go of the hurt and pain. Or at least, simply move on and never look back again. Yes, don't look back and say, I loathe my former friends, I swear these people whom I thought were my friends, I despise these people who made my life miserable in the past, blah blah blah...time to move on and let go. Seriously speaking. 

So from this day forward, I'll make this as my blog's official mantra! Hahaha well, let's see if I'll live with this.

By the way, apart from m y blog, I am more determined to practice this "positive mentality" in real life. Geesh, that would be hard for someone who considers herself as an 80% pessimist. Yeah, I really really need to entertain more good vibes than the bad. My outlook in life should always be I will be successful with every single endeavour or goal that I set;  I should not give up on the first failure; I will win my own battles in life.
Positivity. Positivity.Positivity. I need you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

This is what I get from being a bum

Great!Just great!

It's been almost two weeks since I resigned from my current job and YET I'm still a bum. I didn't imagine that I'll find myself in this kind of scenario. Weeks before I officially bade goodbye to my old beloved company, I am in high spirit and full of hopes that everything will fall to its proper places.Yes, despite my former boss' attempt to "brainwash" me or "encourage" me to reconsider my options, I know that nothing can stop me---not even the "opportunity" that I long waited for (and even promised if I may say) in our department. I am very much optimistic and excited that this thing is for me. IT'S MY DESTINY.

I.NEVER.IMAGINED.THIS.WOULD.HAPPEN.TO.ME. waaaaaah!!! Panic + Depressed mode on *sobs*

Because of this "tragic" event, I began entertaining negative thoughts in my head. Am I doomed?Did they suddenly change their mind and decide not to accept me anymore? Perhaps they hired an applicant who was able to finalize the requirements on time?Oh, I'm going nuts soooo badly. This should not be happening waaaaah!!!!

Please don't do this to me. Please dooooooon't huhu Holiday is just around the corner and it wouldn't be nice if I'm bankrupt during the season. I can't be! I refuse to be one! Help!

I'm just holding on to their word that they will call me after their exam week. Oh, please do. I'm getting desperate and depressed each day. Hay.

There's always good news and bad news. Maybe it just so happened that today, there were more bad news. But I'm still positive (and I need to be) that tomorrow I'll get the best news that I'm waiting for *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random thoughts

I'm getting bored, a little bit insane, and unproductive each passing day and I'm not sooooooo liking this *sobs* My daily routine now sucks more than ever--- sleep at around 2 or 4am (depends on the bed's capacity to seduce me), wake up at 11 am, brunch, do a "little" household chore, watch TV until my eyeballs finally got out from their sockets, surf the web for a good couple of minutes, then back to the TV, perform another "set" of household chores, catch the news while having dinner, do some "channel surfing," and finally capping the night off in front of the computer. That's how lame, boring, and senseless my life is for the last couple of days. I keep on telling myself that I need to do something "worthwhile" at least once a day just to break its ordinariness-read a book, watch a movie, or write a "decent" piece of literary crap yay hehe. Actually I'm planning to make one a while ago but I ended up listening to my phone's mp3 instead. Tsk, no inspiration yet. Sheesh.

Oh, by the way I just watched When in Rome a while ago haha!Outdated huh?I know haha Anyway, it's your usual chic flick/feel-good movie, nothing much to rave about...ah, wait---I totally believe the movie's soundtrack is GORGEOUS! What else? I'm also hooked with Ugly Betty Season 3 nowadays hahaha (but I have no plans of downloading the whole series). And....oh, I ran out of stories to tell haha That only means one thing: I NEED AN EXCITING LIFE ASAP

Great, it's drizzling outside. I'm hungry. My spirits remain high which means sleeping by 12 is next to impossible.Aaaaaah, I want to get rid of my dark under eye circles (yes, I'm getting a little bit conscious now with my appearance harhar). I'm on the verge of bankruptcy. I need chocolates, oh but that would only stimulate me more right? Hmm, okay I'll get a cold glass of milk instead.

Haaaay...being unemployed and being confined in the house for 24 hours is very intoxicating. Just look at my situation to get a grip of the "side effects" of overstaying in the house.

St. Paul, if ever you're reading this (which is very impossible), please do give me a call. I'm getting desperate each day. Suicidal even.

Chos! of course I didn't mean the last sentence. Silly.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Recollection of a former WWE fan

Watching WWE nowadays is like tuning in to the defunct noontime show Wowowee---ANNOYING in million ways!

I love seeing LIVE action- flying fists, high kicks, and sometimes even blood haha! But I want the "real" thing or at least the more "realistically made thing." When I was a kid, I used to watch WWE with my titas, mommy and kuya everytime we chanced upon a good fight. By the way, a good fight for us means either Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, or Owen Hart vs. the "others." I enjoyed every moment and looked up to them as the strongest, fiercest, and most astig creatures in the land. So strong, so brave, so powerful---almost heroic!Kuya and I even imitated Hulk Hogan's signature pose everytime we made our own WWE version.
Too hot to be a grandpa: Hulk Hogan
Anyway, my love for wrestling soon died a natural death and was never ever resurrected again especially after discovering how "scripted" the show is. AND I THOUGHT EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING IS TRUE. Boooooo! So yes, since my realization day up to the present time I hate WWE even if Batista's half-Filipino or John Cena, I think, is one hot wrestler hehe.

Apart from being a "fraud," wrestlers in particular are bad role models for children. Okay, call me kj or loser but it's the truth. When I was in Grade 3, there was some sort of  a rumble involving two guy classmates who were both transferees. I don't know what triggered or how the fight started but from what I can remember, while the two of them were already getting physical (picture this: binalibag sa floor yung isa....Araaaaaay) my other guy classmates formed a circle around them and started cheering. An old classmate even played the devil's advocate on one of the "instant class wrestler" : ITURBO MO. That's the exact phrase. And he did, TURBO-ed the other guy, whatever that means;p Soon, our adviser came to the rescue, stopped the fight, investigated those who were involved, and the rest was history. Now I wonder where they are now since they only became our classmates during that school year alone.

Anyway, so see the point now?No matter how big or small the parental guidance reminder appears on the tv screen every single time it is being aired, there's no guarantee that children won't imitate their "idols." Why, my 16-year-old brother sometimes "demonstrated" to me how wrestlers do their rough stuff! Imagine, a teenage boy who's already capable of deciding for himself even lost his sense of reality that he's no Triple H but a struggling teen full of raging hormones! What do you expect more from the children who are curious, vulnerable, and experimental to try out the "cool" things they see on tv?

Hmmm, I think I'm starting to be too hard on WWE and its millions of fans all over the planet so I'll stop right here hehe. Plus, I sound a hypocrite and self-righteous witch talking about one, if not the ultimate,"dark side" of the said sport. Wait, is it even a sport?Now I'm confused haha. All I am saying is I WAS a big fan of wrestling but definitely not VIOLENCE. Wrestlers should be more cautious with their actions and words, even, because many children looked up to them as their heroes, role models, and even inspirations. Though they have this "annual event of giving back to their fans" still, they should set good examples especially inside the ring.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

In the mood

It's a dream yet a big time struggle for me to write a decent poem. Yes, I admire poets because of their ability to weave out colorful, imaginative, and even fancy words to come up with their own "story." But I admire more poets whose choice of words remain simple and comprehensible yet can still produce a good damn poem! I wish that I'd be like them someday. But for now, let me share two compositions I made last night, thanks to my inspiration who never fails, as my friend Dez said, to bring out the struggling poet in me.

Sa iyo'y hindi na magpipilit, 
ngunit anong magagawa
kung ako'y sadyang makulit?
'Wag mabahala hindi ako ngangawa.

Sapagkat anung mapapala
kung ako nama'y iyong di pansin
maliban kung ulo'y lagyan ng bala
o magpatiwakal sa punong Akasya sa may hardin.

Hindi ako nagmamakaawa
ako'y hindi din nababaliw.
Gusto ko lang ang iyong pagunawa
intindihin mo naman sana ako kahit minsan, giliw.
There goes my first poem in Filipino hehe. Honestly, I enjoyed writing poem in the said language more since it's more dramatic, at least that's what I think. Anyway, my second piece, I believe, is the cutest poem I ever made in my entire life. Or maybe it's just me?hahaha here it goes:

Kinuha ko ang natirang adono
na aming ulam simula pa tanghali.
Hinimay ng matiyaga't mabusisi
upang magmukha itong marami.

Sa mainit na mantika
sila'y nagsimulang magsilanguyan
inaantay na maging kulay brown
hudyat na ito'y tustado na.

Panandaliang ko silang inahon
mula sa kawali ng kasalanan
upang hayaang lumamig, masala, at humiwalay
ang nanikit na mantika.

Sunod na ibinuhos sa kawali
isang bandehadong bahaw na kanin
malamig at nananatiling maputi
ngunit dahan-dahan sa paghawak
ito'y buhaghag na kanin.

Unti-unting nanilaw
kaninang maputing kanin.
Kaunting halo at dagdag pa ng toyo't asin
kanin ay biglang nangitim.

Di tulad ng bahaw na sinaing
itim na kanin ay maalat at mainit.

Muli kong ibinalik
tustadong hinimay na adobong baboy sa kawali
at pumatong sa naghihintay na itim na kanin
saka muling hinalo upang magkakilanlan
butil sa piraso, piraso sa butil.


Back-to-school October

My goal of going back to school has always been a part of my post-graduation plans (and if I am to do a tracking of my said plan's timeline, I can say that I'm following it pretty well since my agreement with my mother is to study again after two years), so it's not really surprising at all...or is it not? 

Okay, so maybe it is on my parents' part. They're asking me what course will I take for my grad school and I always tell and beg them to give me some time to think. They made some suggestions- journalism which is totally related to my undergrad but I think will not be too much of a help in my future career, MBA to which I immediately gave a thumbs down sign since it is way beyond my interest, and get this: Early Childhood Education. I admit that among the three options that they mentioned, my eyes sparkled with their third suggestion. Why not???Oh yeah, why not turn this one down again since I'm not patient enough to deal with kids. Here's the thing: playing with kids is a sure pleasure but teaching them is not! No no no no! So yes, without any options left on the table for me, I told them that I'll still think about it. Everytime that the issue's being raised, I can't help but observe from their faces a little trace of disappointment because of their daughter's lack of ability to decide what she really wants to do with her damn life aside from depending on them financially. Little did they know that this seemed confused girl is  already cooking up something inside her tiny head---get educ units, take and pass LET, and eventually teach in the basic education department. Then maybe after a year or two again, pursue a masteral degree then apply as a college instructor or seek employment opportunity abroad. Who knows? The important thing is to keep an eye on the target. The ultimate goal  is to finish getting the units and LET in one year

When we talked about this going back to school stuff earlier this year, I already told them my plan. The only reaction that I got was: gusto mo pala mag-teacher bakit di ka na lang nag-educ? sabi ko sayo e magshift ka na nung second year ka, ayaw mo pa. yan din pala bagsak mo. Thanks for the support there mom :)

I didn't make it to the first sem cut-off period and looking back, I think it was a blessing in disguise since earlier this year also, I'm torn between an education-related diploma degree and the required 18 educ units. The succeeding months gave me ample time to think and choose wisely what's the more practical thing to do. It's final: I'll stick with my first decision.

And so last Saturday, I was just so thrilled to receive the packet from UPOU regarding my application. Yes!It's official, I'm going to get those units and become a licensed teacher in no time. So exciteeeeeeeeeeed :)

Letter from the university's registrar's office

My new student number 2010-81896

And finally, table of fees!

Though I am excited of being admitted to the program, I can't also deny the fact that I am nervous since the whole idea of self-study and distance learning education scare the whole of me for no apparent reason at all. Well maybe, I'm just intimidated and perhaps "threatened" if I am capable of juggling two things at the same time. I mean, I can watch Glee while chatting and texting with some friends but that's because they're no-brainer activities to begin with right? But I'm positive that everything will go smoothly. Positivity!Positivity!Good vibes!Good vibes!IIt's still too early to tell if I can do serious things at the same time, but I really need to stay positive and calm. I can do this...totally! *fingers crossed*

I am just glad and thankful that things are materializing now. If I may also add, lucky too!

As regards my career, I decided to take the big leap: I'm joining the academe. Too sudden huh, I perfectly know! Even I was surprised with the fast developments that happened in my application especially considering the fact that I am not a LET passer and educ grad. Gosh! I never thought that it would take only a week to be processed and get hired semi-officially. Yes, semi-officially because despite the exams, demo, series of interviews, and a long list of requirements I already passed, I haven't met the school directress yet for my final interview. Why oh why? I think I'll go nuts if they suddenly tell me: the position's already filled. NOOOOOOOO! Many people knew what I gave up for this teaching opportunity to happen. Positivity!Positivity!Good vibes!Good vibes!I really need to stay positive and calm. I can do this...totally! *fingers crossed*

Monday, October 4, 2010

Something special

The hardest part in leaving is saying goodbye to the people you love dearly.

Last Friday was my last day as a kapamilya employee. Honestly, it's sad to leave the company that "enslaved" me for a year and nine months (enslave is such a strong word but I'll stand by it hahaha). Leaving my officemates-turned friends-turned travelbuddies is simply heart-breaking. The countless breaks, gossips, few "out-of-town" trips, conspiracies, and light stories that we shared are the things that I will truly miss the most. It's painful for me to leave them behind especially for someone like me who is not really sociable at all and prefers to keep the old "things" and "people" in my life.  

My last night was really memorable and touching. NACS peeps really know how to surprise people ^_^ I'm already thinking of treating my shiftmates and four others for my despedida as early as Friday morning. I even texted one of them to find our place...my treat!I was somehow disappointed when one of the four people that I will treat suddenly excused himself and backed out. I tried convincing him but to no avail. So I just let him go. 

Past 11 pm and off we go for our last midnight snack together. They suggested to eat in Shakey's T. Morato and off we go there. While making our way inside the resto to get a table for the six of us, an officemate told me, andito din sila and to my surprise four of my other officemates were already there sitting and waiting for our arrival. That's the time I realized, they prepared a surprise despedida for me *heart melts* 

For a while, I was really speechless because of such sweet and thoughtful gesture coming from them. I really did not expect something "magical" to happen on my last night since there's also a despedida thingy c/o one of our bosses. Gaaah, good thing I'm no cry-baby because if I am, I would have cried on the spot. They're really sweet  that's why I love them dearly :)

Aside from the dinner, which they all willingly shouldered for me, they also handed me their simple gifts:
Giffie from Kla

Cutesy notebook and "unique" keychain from Beth and other (I don't know sino pa nagcontri e)

Kapamilya shirt from Ms. Riz

UST Tumbler from Aizel

Send-off gifts from my NACS family

After our late night dinner, off headed to Music Match (?) in T. Morato also. The room that they gave us is nice and really spacious =) Had one of the best and entertaining videoke night because of the performance of Luis haha! Went back to the office tired yet happy at around 4 just to finish my last four catalogs :c 
NACS peeps: sweet and thoughtful individuals :)

I'm only as good as my last catalog lol

Last catalog

I can't believe it!That's my last output
So there, that's how my last day as an ABS-CBN employee went. Very memorable huh? It is for me:) I'll never forget these peeps for life