Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My two last entries were full of negative vibes due to the reasons I stated there. A while ago, I just remembered the very purpose why I decided to resurrect my blog: to create happy and positive entries so that when I reread it especially if I am down or frustrated with my life, there's something to remind me of life's goodness. I want to write about happy thoughts, fond memories, and even self-realizations but hatred and frustration especially with other people?Perhaps I'll consider pouring out my frustration but the feeling of anger or hate towards other people DO NOT and WILL NOT deserve a place in my humble blog.

I know that negative feelings will have a space in this blog, but I told myself that even if I can't avoid such thing, I'll see to it that entries that carry negative vibes are only limited to the happenings in my life only and do not include the people in the past that hurt or offended me, my family, and my friends. It's so highschool-ish to do that, don't you think? So what if people stepped at you, degraded you, or incurred too much pain on you in the past? It's time to let go of the hurt and pain. Or at least, simply move on and never look back again. Yes, don't look back and say, I loathe my former friends, I swear these people whom I thought were my friends, I despise these people who made my life miserable in the past, blah blah blah...time to move on and let go. Seriously speaking. 

So from this day forward, I'll make this as my blog's official mantra! Hahaha well, let's see if I'll live with this.

By the way, apart from m y blog, I am more determined to practice this "positive mentality" in real life. Geesh, that would be hard for someone who considers herself as an 80% pessimist. Yeah, I really really need to entertain more good vibes than the bad. My outlook in life should always be I will be successful with every single endeavour or goal that I set;  I should not give up on the first failure; I will win my own battles in life.
Positivity. Positivity.Positivity. I need you.

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  1. positivity. positivity. positivity.
    that's the spirit, madie ♥
    btw, what deal were you talking about sa iyong comment? text! :)