Monday, October 4, 2010

Something special

The hardest part in leaving is saying goodbye to the people you love dearly.

Last Friday was my last day as a kapamilya employee. Honestly, it's sad to leave the company that "enslaved" me for a year and nine months (enslave is such a strong word but I'll stand by it hahaha). Leaving my officemates-turned friends-turned travelbuddies is simply heart-breaking. The countless breaks, gossips, few "out-of-town" trips, conspiracies, and light stories that we shared are the things that I will truly miss the most. It's painful for me to leave them behind especially for someone like me who is not really sociable at all and prefers to keep the old "things" and "people" in my life.  

My last night was really memorable and touching. NACS peeps really know how to surprise people ^_^ I'm already thinking of treating my shiftmates and four others for my despedida as early as Friday morning. I even texted one of them to find our treat!I was somehow disappointed when one of the four people that I will treat suddenly excused himself and backed out. I tried convincing him but to no avail. So I just let him go. 

Past 11 pm and off we go for our last midnight snack together. They suggested to eat in Shakey's T. Morato and off we go there. While making our way inside the resto to get a table for the six of us, an officemate told me, andito din sila and to my surprise four of my other officemates were already there sitting and waiting for our arrival. That's the time I realized, they prepared a surprise despedida for me *heart melts* 

For a while, I was really speechless because of such sweet and thoughtful gesture coming from them. I really did not expect something "magical" to happen on my last night since there's also a despedida thingy c/o one of our bosses. Gaaah, good thing I'm no cry-baby because if I am, I would have cried on the spot. They're really sweet  that's why I love them dearly :)

Aside from the dinner, which they all willingly shouldered for me, they also handed me their simple gifts:
Giffie from Kla

Cutesy notebook and "unique" keychain from Beth and other (I don't know sino pa nagcontri e)

Kapamilya shirt from Ms. Riz

UST Tumbler from Aizel

Send-off gifts from my NACS family

After our late night dinner, off headed to Music Match (?) in T. Morato also. The room that they gave us is nice and really spacious =) Had one of the best and entertaining videoke night because of the performance of Luis haha! Went back to the office tired yet happy at around 4 just to finish my last four catalogs :c 
NACS peeps: sweet and thoughtful individuals :)

I'm only as good as my last catalog lol

Last catalog

I can't believe it!That's my last output
So there, that's how my last day as an ABS-CBN employee went. Very memorable huh? It is for me:) I'll never forget these peeps for life

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