Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random thoughts

I'm getting bored, a little bit insane, and unproductive each passing day and I'm not sooooooo liking this *sobs* My daily routine now sucks more than ever--- sleep at around 2 or 4am (depends on the bed's capacity to seduce me), wake up at 11 am, brunch, do a "little" household chore, watch TV until my eyeballs finally got out from their sockets, surf the web for a good couple of minutes, then back to the TV, perform another "set" of household chores, catch the news while having dinner, do some "channel surfing," and finally capping the night off in front of the computer. That's how lame, boring, and senseless my life is for the last couple of days. I keep on telling myself that I need to do something "worthwhile" at least once a day just to break its ordinariness-read a book, watch a movie, or write a "decent" piece of literary crap yay hehe. Actually I'm planning to make one a while ago but I ended up listening to my phone's mp3 instead. Tsk, no inspiration yet. Sheesh.

Oh, by the way I just watched When in Rome a while ago haha!Outdated huh?I know haha Anyway, it's your usual chic flick/feel-good movie, nothing much to rave about...ah, wait---I totally believe the movie's soundtrack is GORGEOUS! What else? I'm also hooked with Ugly Betty Season 3 nowadays hahaha (but I have no plans of downloading the whole series). And....oh, I ran out of stories to tell haha That only means one thing: I NEED AN EXCITING LIFE ASAP

Great, it's drizzling outside. I'm hungry. My spirits remain high which means sleeping by 12 is next to impossible.Aaaaaah, I want to get rid of my dark under eye circles (yes, I'm getting a little bit conscious now with my appearance harhar). I'm on the verge of bankruptcy. I need chocolates, oh but that would only stimulate me more right? Hmm, okay I'll get a cold glass of milk instead.

Haaaay...being unemployed and being confined in the house for 24 hours is very intoxicating. Just look at my situation to get a grip of the "side effects" of overstaying in the house.

St. Paul, if ever you're reading this (which is very impossible), please do give me a call. I'm getting desperate each day. Suicidal even.

Chos! of course I didn't mean the last sentence. Silly.


  1. seriously, dude. you really need a job. kamon. WWE blog entries? LOL. joke lang. lab pa rin kita. just don't body slam your students when you're in a bad mood ha? LOL.

    OMG! meron na kayong similarities ni patty pag naging teacher ka na. huwow! susunod ka na sa yapak nya. labet :)

    When you mentioned "stimulated," iba yung naisip ko. dirty. LOL.

  2. hahaha naalala ko lang nabwisit kasi ako sa WWE. Growing up, I think it's cool pero hindi naman pala. give me a job naaaaaa :)

    haha oo naman!aside from being a teacher parehas pa kaming pretty nyahahahaha wag ka komontra sasapakin kita.

    eeeeeew ka hahaha.dumi ng isip