Friday, October 15, 2010

This is what I get from being a bum

Great!Just great!

It's been almost two weeks since I resigned from my current job and YET I'm still a bum. I didn't imagine that I'll find myself in this kind of scenario. Weeks before I officially bade goodbye to my old beloved company, I am in high spirit and full of hopes that everything will fall to its proper places.Yes, despite my former boss' attempt to "brainwash" me or "encourage" me to reconsider my options, I know that nothing can stop me---not even the "opportunity" that I long waited for (and even promised if I may say) in our department. I am very much optimistic and excited that this thing is for me. IT'S MY DESTINY.

I.NEVER.IMAGINED.THIS.WOULD.HAPPEN.TO.ME. waaaaaah!!! Panic + Depressed mode on *sobs*

Because of this "tragic" event, I began entertaining negative thoughts in my head. Am I doomed?Did they suddenly change their mind and decide not to accept me anymore? Perhaps they hired an applicant who was able to finalize the requirements on time?Oh, I'm going nuts soooo badly. This should not be happening waaaaah!!!!

Please don't do this to me. Please dooooooon't huhu Holiday is just around the corner and it wouldn't be nice if I'm bankrupt during the season. I can't be! I refuse to be one! Help!

I'm just holding on to their word that they will call me after their exam week. Oh, please do. I'm getting desperate and depressed each day. Hay.

There's always good news and bad news. Maybe it just so happened that today, there were more bad news. But I'm still positive (and I need to be) that tomorrow I'll get the best news that I'm waiting for *fingers crossed*

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