Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet and short

'Twas a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong day for me. Sudden change of plans due to some "emergency" is something I didn't expect to happen (and welcome) this fine day. Nevertheless I'm more relieved than ever :D

Or should I really be? hmmmmm

Motivation of the day: Fight fight fight!

Will try to expound on the matter in the future haha. For now, this will do it.

Btw, some random thoughts I need to share:
-single-blessedness, marriage, or vocation? 
-Melissa's last day sale in ABS waaaaaaaah * panic mode*
-faculty meeting...seriously? hehe
-chicks rule really rules.... and forever we'll be together amen amen:D
-feeling unsafe with our house's current situation tonight. Oh please guardian angels, do your part tonight in safeguarding our humble nest
-and the "scent" of cement and hollow blocks that linger nyaaaks
-konti na lang...I'm really bankrupt.poorita!
-phone's getting iritating...seriously I wanna throw it a while ago
-eyebags...zombie eyes...we share the same prob debra jane. hang-on we'll surpass this test chos!
-okay, that's a hint that I should sleep by now hehe.

Hoping tomorrow will be hassle-free. 

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  1. sana may LIKE button din dito kasi i like this entry eh. yehey, sweeeett! happy for you!