Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back-to-school October

My goal of going back to school has always been a part of my post-graduation plans (and if I am to do a tracking of my said plan's timeline, I can say that I'm following it pretty well since my agreement with my mother is to study again after two years), so it's not really surprising at all...or is it not? 

Okay, so maybe it is on my parents' part. They're asking me what course will I take for my grad school and I always tell and beg them to give me some time to think. They made some suggestions- journalism which is totally related to my undergrad but I think will not be too much of a help in my future career, MBA to which I immediately gave a thumbs down sign since it is way beyond my interest, and get this: Early Childhood Education. I admit that among the three options that they mentioned, my eyes sparkled with their third suggestion. Why not???Oh yeah, why not turn this one down again since I'm not patient enough to deal with kids. Here's the thing: playing with kids is a sure pleasure but teaching them is not! No no no no! So yes, without any options left on the table for me, I told them that I'll still think about it. Everytime that the issue's being raised, I can't help but observe from their faces a little trace of disappointment because of their daughter's lack of ability to decide what she really wants to do with her damn life aside from depending on them financially. Little did they know that this seemed confused girl is  already cooking up something inside her tiny head---get educ units, take and pass LET, and eventually teach in the basic education department. Then maybe after a year or two again, pursue a masteral degree then apply as a college instructor or seek employment opportunity abroad. Who knows? The important thing is to keep an eye on the target. The ultimate goal  is to finish getting the units and LET in one year

When we talked about this going back to school stuff earlier this year, I already told them my plan. The only reaction that I got was: gusto mo pala mag-teacher bakit di ka na lang nag-educ? sabi ko sayo e magshift ka na nung second year ka, ayaw mo pa. yan din pala bagsak mo. Thanks for the support there mom :)

I didn't make it to the first sem cut-off period and looking back, I think it was a blessing in disguise since earlier this year also, I'm torn between an education-related diploma degree and the required 18 educ units. The succeeding months gave me ample time to think and choose wisely what's the more practical thing to do. It's final: I'll stick with my first decision.

And so last Saturday, I was just so thrilled to receive the packet from UPOU regarding my application. Yes!It's official, I'm going to get those units and become a licensed teacher in no time. So exciteeeeeeeeeeed :)

Letter from the university's registrar's office

My new student number 2010-81896

And finally, table of fees!

Though I am excited of being admitted to the program, I can't also deny the fact that I am nervous since the whole idea of self-study and distance learning education scare the whole of me for no apparent reason at all. Well maybe, I'm just intimidated and perhaps "threatened" if I am capable of juggling two things at the same time. I mean, I can watch Glee while chatting and texting with some friends but that's because they're no-brainer activities to begin with right? But I'm positive that everything will go smoothly. Positivity!Positivity!Good vibes!Good vibes!IIt's still too early to tell if I can do serious things at the same time, but I really need to stay positive and calm. I can do this...totally! *fingers crossed*

I am just glad and thankful that things are materializing now. If I may also add, lucky too!

As regards my career, I decided to take the big leap: I'm joining the academe. Too sudden huh, I perfectly know! Even I was surprised with the fast developments that happened in my application especially considering the fact that I am not a LET passer and educ grad. Gosh! I never thought that it would take only a week to be processed and get hired semi-officially. Yes, semi-officially because despite the exams, demo, series of interviews, and a long list of requirements I already passed, I haven't met the school directress yet for my final interview. Why oh why? I think I'll go nuts if they suddenly tell me: the position's already filled. NOOOOOOOO! Many people knew what I gave up for this teaching opportunity to happen. Positivity!Positivity!Good vibes!Good vibes!I really need to stay positive and calm. I can do this...totally! *fingers crossed*


  1. Kaya mo yan madie, totally! :)
    I believe you'd be a great teacher.
    wuhoo! academician ka na :)

  2. hahaha yes!positivity is the key...totally:) hay God bless us two :)