Saturday, July 23, 2011

My pen just worked!

I'm just too happy that I am slowly getting my touch in writing again. I mean, serious and "creative" writing harhar.

I can't remember the last time I made a decent article.Worse, I totally forgot what the article was all about haha So you see, it's been quite a looooooooooooong time now.

My new work entails writing and researching which is really fine with me. Downside is I get to deal with some medical/scientific terms. So far, I'm coping as a health/fitness pr writer lol. I can say that I'm liking my work now since my skills are being developed. And I get to explore/experiment more on how to properly angle a story which I really miss. But what I really miss is the feeling of fulfillment and sense of pride when I see my article and name published for people to read (or so I assume haha).

I immediately told my parents to buy PhilStar last Tuesday since my article just got published.They were as excited as me but they wondered why my name wasn't published. I explained to them the situation. They were still proud of my simple achievement haha That's what I really like about my parents---they're very supportive of my endeavours no matter how small or big they are.

Now, on to the "creative" side haha!It's been months since the last time I wrote a poem. You see, I'm still a self-proclaimed frustrated poet and I still envy people who make a good damn poem. Just this morning, some sort of divine intervention happened to me. Ideas and words start juggling inside my head. The funny thing is, they are making sense (at least for me) so I wasted no time to get my notebook and pen inside my room and soon started writing....three poems haha.

And since I'm always proud of my "poems," allow me to share it here.

Monday Morning

Press 10

I know, this one is sabaw hahaha! Anyway, here are the two additional "poems" I made.


Count the dust particles on my desk
Sort mosquitoes from flies
Watch the ants as they march in single file
And listen to the lizard greeting me from above.

Today's headlines, I already know by heart
and recite yesterday's lottery winning number combination results
without batting an eyelash.

I stare at the monitor's white screen
hoping it will talk to me too.
Shift my attention outside the window
Geez, it's hot today, the sun shines brightly.

Look down, the tiles need some cleaning
and so are my toenails.
I lift my head one last time
I look far away this time
then lower my head back.

I shut my eyes
and open them once again.

It's only 2:30pm.

This poem explains more or less, what I usually feel at work haha! And finally, the last poem:

Skinny Jeans

The fit was perfect
From midway to bottom
and I feel so sexy
as you hug my thighs so tightly.

Your skin, it feels so warm
enough to cover and protect every inch of me
especially in cold, lonely nights.

No doubt,
I fit well in you,
you suit my taste well.
For the rest of the day
I'm yours, you're all mine.

As the night turns deep
I'll let you go down on me now
before I lay down and sleep
and just forget everything
except wearing you in my dreams.


  1. buti pa ang skinny jeans, perfect match sa iyo. hehe. ikaw na ang manunula at napublish! tseh! ;p HUGS!

  2. parang ikaw hindi contributor ng meg ah boooo haha

  3. ang lalalim naman ng poems! -JM bwahahahahaha :P

  4. you inspire me kasi JM e haha