Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We started our Day 2 tour quite early. No signs of Amang Hari still but we're fortunate that the rain stopped just as we left the lodge. 

We headed to Lualhati Park where our banca awaits us along with the crew- Kuya Bayok and Kuya Buknoy.  The water's very calm that day although the weather remained gloomy.

Few pictures of us in our "ship"

Our first stop was the beautiful Kayangan Lake which is said to be the Cleanest Lake in the country. Limestones surround this place which is also known as the Blue Lagoon. We need to trek (again!) at least 100 steps going up and down to fully appreciate the place.
Entering the Blue Lagoon

Welcome to Kayangan Lake

Trekking once more...
The trek is a little bit dangerous compared to our Mt. Tapyas hike. The stairs that served as our trail is quite slippery since it rained the other night so we have to take our time going up if we don't want to bang our heads on the rocks or go down the stairs rolling like a ball.

In the middle of the trek, we stopped to savor the beautiful scenery from the top. And of course, some photos as well.

Kayangan Lake is really beautiful. We wasted no time dipping in the waters and snorkel (it's my first time!wahaha). A little later, the rain poured hard, bummer. From Kayangan Lake we headed to Twin Lagoon. 

Twin Lagoon is quite interesting since the two lagoons, which is surrounded by limestones, is separated by a small rock opening. In order to get to the other side of the lagoon, you need to swim or hike again. We opted to wet ourselves. In some parts of the lagoon, the water is very cold while some parts are lukewarm. Kuya Buchoy even told us that the said area is the place where the fresh water and salt water meet. Cool!

I'm having problems with my life vest all throughout the trip. As we are about to leave the second lagoon, I decided to just float (with my life vest still with me) and oh boy, the experience was really awesome. Just imagine this: your body submerged in cool water, a nice view of the limestone formations, and the sounds of the birds chirping in chorus...I felt that I am really one with nature!

It's almost lunch time when we left the place. Next stop: Bangul Beach.

There's nothing really special with this beach, in my opinion. It's your typical white beach plus the beautiful limestone formation. Oh wait... the limestone formations made this place special!Many tourists had their lunch here by the way, so the place is quite popular.

A hearty lunch was served to us. Yummy!
One of the main attractions in this beach is this monkey who drinks RED HORSE. 
That's our kubo
Beautiful limestones
No rock to heavy for us hehe

Daddy kept on bugging Mommy to have their pre-nup photo so here's the result. Haha
Our last destination for our island hopping tour that day was the Siete Pecados Park which is composed of seven islets. The place is perfect for snorkeling.

The place is also popular because of its urban legend. Locals said that the seven islets were actually the seven sisters who, long time ago, escaped their house to attend the party despite their parent's warning not to leave the place since there's a strong typhoon coming. But the sisters did not listen and continued their plan. Since the party is at the other island, they rented a boat and soon find themselves partying with the crowd. When the party's over and it's time for them to go home, the expected thing happened. Their parents were very worried when their daughters failed to return to their house and for days, their mother wouldn't stop crying. She asked for a sign for her to know if her daughters are still alive. One day, the locals were surprised to see these seven islets out of nowhere.

Our last destination for that day is the Maquinit Hot Spring. It is said that this hot spring is the only salt hot spring in the country which came from a nearby mountain. By the way, the temperature in the adult swimming pool is 40 degrees Celsius while the kiddie pool is 34 degrees Celsius which is quite tolerable.
Welcome to Maquinit Hot Spring

 You cannot dip yourself in the water pronto because of its high temperature. Instead, you need to submerge a part of your body one at a time so that it will get used to the temperature. In my case, feet first, then legs, trunks, until I find myself floating in the hot spring. The experience was relaxing and awesome. I never imagined myself that I can actually survive in a 40 degree Celsius hot water! Kuya Buchoy reminded us though not to stay long in the pool because we might get dehydrated. He advised us to leave the pool every 10minutes and load ourselves with water.

The infinity salt water pool
Magroves are also everywhere
 After our short stay at the Maquinit Hot Spring, we headed back to our home base to recharge for another adventure next day.

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