Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bathroom Horrors

Next to my room, I find comfort and solace in our bathroom. Don't you enjoy every single moment while you're inside as you release/wash off all the negative vibes,literally and figuratively speaking, after a long, tiring, and stressful day? I do!I do! Haha
Every person has their own bathroom rituals/rules. In my case, I only have two rules. First, flush, flush, fluuuuush the toilet as a sign of respect to the next person who'll use it. My brother and I would sometimes fight because he always leaves the toilet dirty. Tsk! Second rule is to always keep the bathroom rugs dry and clean.
For strange reasons, I can't convince myself to deposit my waste in other toilet bowls except when the situation calls for it haha! In my 24 years of existence, I only used other toilet bowls (aside from peeing) in four occasions: in the school clinic when I had my LBM back in grade school, in the house of Dez's cousin in Cebu (twice) again due to LBM, and during our recent trip to Coron because I really need to release the negative vibes. Whew!  
Now, let me share my top 5 bathroom (not-so) horror stories:
5. Big spiders and cockroaches inside our bathroom really scared me...especially when they crawled on my legs while I was in the middle of scrubbing my body!Yikes!
4. During my first time in Trinoma, I didn't know that the flush is "high-tech" already. I panicked because I assumed that there's a sensor or something that would automatically flush itself, but there was none. So I decided to leave it as is. On my way out of the cubicle, the lady after me stopped me and said, "please flush the toilet" amp It was so embarrassing since there were many people inside!
3. Back in GS, my classmates and I used to scare each other because of the semi-haunted look of our restroom. Rumor has it that a headless body of a nun is said to linger in the restroom. One day, I excused myself in the middle of the class since I really need to pee that time so I went to the semi-haunted restroom...alone. I'm having second thoughts if I'll get inside and be surprised with the sight of a headless body or call a classmate. Being a chicken that I was, I backed out during the last minute and went back to the classroom feeling full (of urine) and uncomfortable. The next thing I knew, I already peed in my place haha. A guy classmate accused me of the crime but I was successful that I am innocent and besides, my classmates wouldn't believe him. Poor boy haha He mopped the floor where I peed  ^_^
2. I mentioned this incident in my Calaguas entry. One of the most traumatic bathroom scenes in my entire life is having to endure the awful smell of someone's vomit all over the toilet and floor while peeing in a very dark cr in a remote island. Simply disgusting!
And the top worst bathroom experience  is *drum rolls*
1. Finding a used condom inside the lady's cr in our office!Pak! It's just disturbing since I used to put my things on the exact spot where I found the used condom today. Shit!    


  1. What the hell? Seriously? Of all the things you listed here, I flanked by that 'condom' thing. Hahaha! Oh the horror!


  2. haha believe it friends, yun talaga nakita ko. sana man lang idispose di ba?oh well hehe