Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Our schedule during our third day in Coron wasn't that jam-packed at all. We only had three remaining must-see places before we left Coron the next day.

The weather's been cooperative during the last day of our tour.Yipee! 

First in our list is the Coron Shipwreck. This tour almost didn't push through but the Coron Lodge owner gave us reasons why we should not scrap it in our list. We're grateful we didn't!

The trip from the port in Lualhati Park to the shipwreck site took us two hours! Good thing we're entertained with majestic views (pardon my awful shots)

I don't know the real name of the shipwreck site that we went to since there Japanese shipwrecks are common in Coron. Anyway, we enjoyed the snorkeling experience. Highlight of the tour is stepping into the shipwreck. Yeahboi!
That's us getting ready for our snorkeling experience. Whew, I was so fed up with snorkeling hahaha! Maybe I'm no snorkeling fan but I am a fan of the beautiful creatures under and above the waters!
Shipwreck site, here we come
Our next stop was still a snorkeling site: Coral Garden.The view underwater is simply breath-taking. Too bad, we failed to take underwater shots.
This is, more or less, the Coral Garden site

 After our sulit na sulit snorkeling experience at the Coral Garden,  we headed to Paz Island as our last destination. We had our lunch in this island. Nothing special about it, honestly. Anyway, we just enjoyed the place which is not crowded at all.

Lunch is served

My Indian-sit inspired jump shot which is exclusively done during my trips
The mother-daughter jump shot
Time to go swimming
She sells seashells on the seashore ;p
The 3Bs: Kuya Buknoy (the assistant), Kuya Buchoy (tour guide), and Kuya Bayok (the "captain")
Was surprised to see a very nice restroom in this island
Winners of the Bikini Bodies circa 1980s lol
We have company
Island Paz's sand
They can't get enough of their pre-nup photos
Closer please...better.
The return trip was very traumatic. We left the island at past 3pm already, the waters remained calm and peaceful. Everything was smooth-sailing. Minutes later, the waves become bigger..and bigger...and BIGGER! We we're laughing at the start and joked that the experience is just like that of riding EK's Rio Grande. Soon, I find myself reciting all the prayers that I know in my head while asking, is it the end of the world? The waves were really big, plus we're in the middle of the Sulu Sea so just imagine the mental torture that we went through. All our things, even ourselves, were wet thanks to the salty waters of the Sulu Sea.

Alas, after an hour, the waters became calm again. And soon, we find ourselves thanking our crew, who were very composed during the trying times at the sea, as we set foot on land again.

As Kuya Mags, our driver fetched us at the Lualhati Park, I started praying and thanking God for a very safe trip. We arrived at the lodge past 7pm and waited for 100 Days to Heaven to finish before taking our dinner.

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