Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Our last day in Coron is purely about rest, rest, rest. We woke up later than the usual, had our breakfast, and took last-minute photo souvenirs of the place. 

I like the place because it's very homey. It's not that sosyal nor that cheap but just right especially if you're on a tight budget. The room's nice and spacious and the bathroom is okay too. The aircon performs according to its function, unless power supply runs out (which happened in our third night. Until now, Palawan still has power supply problems). One bad thing that I can say is their bed sheets smell awful that we have to request the staff to replace it. They blamed the bad weather why their bedsheets have that awful order. We understand though.

Their restaurant is the big reveal here! We're just lucky that they served very delicious meals everytime we go there. As in! Their banana crepe loaded with lots of chocolate syrup is orgasmic!Haha

I also liked the interiors...very cozy and native. The owner also have a glass stand where different mugs, dolls, bells, and little plates ( I don't know the proper term haha) from all over the world were placed. Cool! The music being played is foreign and local reggae songs.

Is this the koumintang?or kulintang?

The owner's collection

The Bar

Pa-sweet much haha
The van that would transfer us to the airport arrived at 12 and we arrived at the airport after an hour. After we checked-in our luggage, we proceeded to the departure area and wait for our 3:00pm flight back to Manila. By the way, the guards made a manual inspection of the passengers' luggage. HUWAAAAAT?!

One "entertaining" incident happened at the arrival area. The 2pm Cebu Pacific flight bound to Manila were having trouble that their plane arrived late. Meanwhile, the 2:10pm flight arrived on time. The passengers of the 2:10pm were immediately directed to board the plane, much to the boos and irritation of the passengers of the 2pm flight. The passengers of the earlier flight were questioning the Cebu Pac staff how did it happen. Minutes later, their plane arrived. They boarded pissed yet quietly. 

As the plane was about to close, two "hunky" men came running with their luggage, much to the delight of the crowd. Hehehe That's because behind those muscular bodies, they cannot hide their feminine side as they started shouting at the top of their lungs, wait, wait to the crew of the plane which made it funny. 

Anyway, we arrived in Manila at 4pm. As mommy, daddy, and rap waited for our luggage, several foreign guys started to arrive in big groups, waiting for their bags also. Somehow, I have a pretty idea who they were especially when one one of their alalays started getting their bags from the convey or. My instinct grew clearer as a tall man, probably in his 40s, stood a a foot away from me. It's confirmed. They are who I thought they are: The Philippine Azkals team who just arrived from Iloilo City.  And the guy a foot away from me is coach Hans Michael Weiss. The Younghusbands were not there, though.

So that concludes my four-day vacation trip in Coron. The experience was really memorable because of my many firsts: 1446 steps, snorkeling, standing in a shipwreck, brownout in the province, soaking in a 40degree Celsius water, and huge and deadly waves that I experienced in my entire life!Whew!
Waiting is too long, huh?

Cebu Pacific at the tarmac
Finally, our plane arrived

Time to unload

Minutes before take-off

Despite the bad weather that we experienced, we're still thankful that everything went fine with the trip. Truly, as the song of South Border goes.... 
There's a rainbow always after the rain....

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