Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Challenge

For some time now, I've been wasting my time in front of my laptop doing nothing at all except check my fb and twitter accounts and do a little stalking on the sidelines haha.Yeah, pretty boring huh? So over the weekend, I thought of challenging myself to do something worthwhile.

The challenge: watch a movie everyday and finish one book a month. I think it's somehow doable although the downloading of the movie will take some time. Anyway, I'll just make use of the "schedule" to read a book.

Since I started this project over the weekend, I've seen one movie and I was able to catch up also with my fave series hoho And I just finished the first chapter of the new book that my brother bought for me!Woohooo! Hello "productive and exciting nights"

By the way if you happen to know a decent movie and a good book, please please recommend me as many as you can!hahaha I will really appreciate it.

Now showing: Rio


  1. Am I harassing myself? My gameplan of reading a book is only for a week! And you, for a month? Gosh! Have to 'reschedule' this book addiction. Haha!

    Hmm.. Good movie? 127 Hours, Inception, 500 Days of Summer, Super 8,...and if you like an animated film, try "Up".

    And for books.. try "The Alchemist" for a start. Then, uhm.. "American Gods" or "Dreamcatcher".

    Good luck on your challenge. =)

  2. wow thanks, super 8 and 127 hours na lang hindi ko napapanuod sa mga sinabi mo.

    hmmm.actually, I can finish one book per week it's just that sometimes when I'm not soo into the book it would take me months before I finish it hihi

    Thanks sa suggestions :)

  3. You are most welcome! Glad I can help, mademoiselle. =)

  4. Try "3 Idiots", it's a Bollywood movie. The movie was so touching. :)

  5. sige I'll take note of that :) thanks for the suggestion.