Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cirque du Soleil's SALTIMBANCO!

Behold, the most amazing show staged on earth ever!!! Kidding, I really felt lucky having seen the last show of Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco over the weekend. It was... it was soooo great that I can't find the right  superlative words to justify how amazing, fantastic and cool the show was! All the buzz and the hype about the show, it's really true! 
The greatest show ever! Saltimbanco ran from
Aug.9-19 here in Manila and will perform next in Taiwan. 
I didn't bother to research beforehand about Saltimbanco. All I know is, the show's really famous around the world and has been running for a very long time now. Coming in to the show, I thought it was just another acrobatic exhibition similar to the Chinese acrobatic show we've seen a year ago. But I was really wrong. REALLY WRONG.

Saltimbanco is a circus show. Many of us have this idea of what a circus show is about---acrobatics, clowns a lot of dancing from beautiful girls in headdresses and skimpy clothes and other fun stuff. People associate circus with festivity. And that's what you'll certainly get when you watch Saltimbanco. Except for the first few seconds that got me bored simply because the narrative was spoken in French (yes, they didn't translate it), I really loved every second of it. From their colorful costumes, smooth dance executions, the beautiful melody of the songs that (unfortunately) were not translated to English, the very funny and interactive portion of the  show that gave the lucky kuya a 10-minute (more or less) of fame, the live band performing and of course, the breath-taking stunts. Whew! Believe me, after seeing the last act, I was glad that my heartbeat went to normal again haha The show's really that great! Insanely great if I may add.          
Here's my favorite act.
Yes, who would thought that those muscular bodies are very flexible?!? How did they do that?I swear, this act made the crowd shrieked the loudest and I can't blame them. I mean, seeing the act is really insane, unbelievable! 
Saltimbanco, which made its two-week run here in Manila, undoubtedly unleashed the child at heart in its audience, captivating their attention and imagination that everything is possible. Yes, that includes balancing on someone's head. 
Taken from the official FB page of Saltimbanco

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