Friday, July 20, 2012


Dear Ferdie,

I must say, you caught me off-guard this morning. First, you came earlier than expected and second, you made a 'grand entrance' upon your arrival. Attention-seeker much? Well, you succeeded in grabbing not just mine but everybody's attention this morning. Your strong presence made us all sick, weary, hot-headed and
wet all at the same time. Worse, you didn't give me a chance to work today. I hate you for that!

Go find someplace where you will be accepted...that is, if anybody's willing to take you. Hmmm, I highly doubt. Whatever. But please, leave right now because the longer you'll stay, the more you'll ruin everything. Are you happy to be labeled as a wrecker?Well, I hope that I won't see you again Ferdie. It's time for you to go. The perfect time is NOW. Don't worry about us as we'll even appreciate your 'heroic' move to leave us alone.
Kthnxbye for the visit!Now go away! Ferdie
Happy not to see you ever,
Absent girl from Taytay

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