Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hopeful July

And just like that, the first half of the year has ended! To say that time flies so fast would be an understatement because the truth is, the first six months of 2012 is quite a long journey. Many things have transpired within those months and fortunately, surviving a number of (planned or not) experience in the not so distant past may prompt one to say hey, six months ago my heart was deeply bruised and my dignity crushed into pieces but look at me now living my life 100% or hey, six months ago I'm spending hours to polish my thesis but look at me now, enjoying and learning the tricks in the 'real world.' 

It's human's resiliency amidst life's challenges that leads to the realization that they're capable of going far in life. Six months as I've said is long, that's roughly 180 days spent on completing paperworks for school, coming up with a new campaign to be presented to your boss, misunderstandings with people, travelling with loved ones, repairing and restoring broken relationships and all other crazy things you could think of. It's not true that time flies so fast. What I believe in is that people, even to the minutest degree, mature or learn over time. Looking back, I can say that the first half of the year turned out well for me. Personal struggles, career-wise and searching for myself among others, are always part of the package but I can say that I was able to cope well. I'm thankful that these experiences are behind me now. 

As the second half of the year unfolds today, I can’t help but be excited and nervous on what’s gonna happen next. While I have two trips to look forward to before 2012 ends, another thing than I hope to achieve is to go back to school starting this second semester. It's just a shame that I can't figure out what path I'm supposed to take :-(  I mean, I have plans A to C but I'm really hoping that by September, my mind and heart will come to an agreement. Nothing’s final yet with my plans but I’m really praying for one good opportunity to come my way in the next  couple of days.



  1. Time flies soooooo fast! :)

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  2. I also cant believe that it's already july and soon we'll be surprised that it's gonna be ber month then new year! Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by girls :)