Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello Coron, We Meet Again

This entry is long overdue hihi I'm too lazy to update my blog during the first five months of the year and it was only until recently when I started to romance my blog again. Okay, enough of the disclaimer.

As I type this entry, I realized how loser I am this summer. Comparing my 2011 summer destination list with this year, (Shanghai, Calaguas, Baguio and Coron in that order), I only had one 'official' summer escapade. But I consider it a blast!

I'm back in Coron this year together with the ABS peeps whom I consider as my 'regular December travel buddies.' Well, at least there are two of them hehe. Anyway, instead of doing a sort of 'dear diary' entry, I'll only make a few points of the trip. (Besides, I made a detailed Coron series last year) 

DEPARTURE IN MANILA. This is one of the most nakakalokang trips I had, next to my Iloilo experience. Originally, 11 of us will spend the next 3 days and 2 nights in Coron---7 were booked via Airphil (where I'm part of) and 4 via Cebu Pacific. There's a one-hour difference in our scheds if I'm not mistakenbut due to unacceptable circumstances, the Cebupac group MISSED THEIR PLANE, literally speaking. They're not late and even managed to check-in but then.... As for our group, only one failed to show up. Despite the airport misfortune, the remaining six of us decided to push through with the trip. Sayang naman ang bayad no!

My 'Decemeber travel buddies' rei and azi
WELCOME TO CORON! As expected, we reached Coron a little past 12 and were fetched by the guys who'll bring us to Coron Village Lodge. Upon arrival, we immediately talked with the receptionist to address our concerns. Luckily, the whole check-in process and the computation of the pay adjustment went smoothly. What a relief!
Nilaga, calamares, tuna, pork steak and ice cold bottle
of Coke for our late lunch.
After a heavy meal, we went to our rooms to rest. We were fetched by Kuya Rollie (our tour guide) at around 4pm for our city tour which includes Coron Municipal Hall, Lualhati Park, Mt. Tapyas (723 steps one-way) and ending the tour with a hot dip in Maquinit Hotspring.
In front of Coron Municipal Hall looking for
Mayor Joel Reyes Jr. lol. According to Kuya Rollie,
the mayor was a nice guy and people love him. Oh well,
greed for power  ruins one's character  

Almost there. Successfully made it at the 'summit' of
Mt. Tapyas just in time for the sunset
Overrated. Food was normal, SERVICE
A round of tequila sunrise and a bucket of San Mig Light plus Bb. Pilipinas coronation night ended our long 

SUN,SEA,SAND, SNORKEL.  The next day, we woke up at around 6 since our tour guide will fetch us at 7:30. We started our island hopping tour around 8am. Our first destination was the beautiful, white sand beach of Malcapuya Island which is almost two hours away from the wharf. Seeing the white sand from afar really made me giddy and excited. I've heard and read sooo much about this place and finally, I was able to see it in person. I can die now haha!
Feeling poster girl for Malcapuya Island
The long stretch of powdery, white sand beach of
the island.
The funny thing is, we didn't spend much time in its crystal clear waters since we're busy with our photo ops. Although we snorkeled and fed the fish. By the time we're ready for the grand dip, our tour guide's back. It's time leave Malcapuya Island.
Next stop: Twin Lagoon and Siete Pecados for another round of snorkeling activities.
Okay, excited much as we're headed to dock at
Twin Lagoons 
Just enjoyed the 'underworld'
On our way back to the city
Our second night was my fave part because of THE GAME OF CARDS hoho
Ready for the battle.Imma beat you all
because I'm the master of cards 
Okay, feeling ko lang na I'm a master of every card game.
Truth be told,  the only card game I know by heart is
solitaire. Bokya tuloy ako!
ONE LAST TIME. Since our flight was still at 3pm, we managed to squeeze in the famous Kayangan Lake and the Barracuda Lake.
Just finished swimming

Limestones that Coron is known for
The bravest jump of my life, literally
There goes my ABS peeps. 
My Coron trip, the only official summer vacay I had, was something for keeps. Prior and during the trip, many things happened and are happening which kinda pissed me off. But hey, it doesn't mean I should be affected. I'm just too lucky that at the end of it all, I WAS A HAPPY GIRL IN THE ENTIRE TRIP :)


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  1. i was super happy with mine, too... but it would've been heaps better if i were with you along with the rest!

    i really need to fix my life...