Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dessert Time at Claudette's

This week, I've been craving to go back at Claudette's to try their other cakes and luckily, I found a good opportunity to do so. Despite the lack of funds last night after some 'heartless individual' took my hard-earned P400 last week, I found myself happily seating inside this modest diner along Valero Street together with my college pal Jai.

Segue: Our dinner date was some sort of a farewell since he already made his decision to leave the traffic area of Makati City and go find a career somewhere in Ortigas or Libis areas. Goodluck to that pal. 

Anyway, it's my second time to eat at Claudette's and just as my first visit there sometime in March, my eyes feasted on the sight of a variety of cakes---tiramisu, brazo de mercedes, sansrival (tried it before and it was good!), Toblerone cheesecake (which I found interesting but decided not to try it since I'm not a fan of white chocolate), their best-seller Cloud 9 cake still inside the box and a few chocolate cake selections which Jai and I tried that night.

I had a plate of their best-seller Dolly Sin which is an equivalent of choco mousse cake but this one is better. What I like about it is that it's not too sweet, therefore no umay factor. The chocolate layer on top is my favorite part!  
Dolly Sin is a sinful treat to the mouth
 Jai ordered a plate of Midnight Layer cake, together with his delicious-looking puttanesca, which is covered with dark chocolate. Of course, his cake wasn't as sweet as the one I ordered since dark chocolates have that bittersweet taste. But the cake is also heavenly to the mouth! Just perfect for dark choco lovers like me.
Midnight Layer covered with dark choco, yummy!
 Other interesting cakes I'd like to try soon include their Tiramisu, Kahlua (which suddenly made me miss Chef Med) and the much raved Cloud 9 cake. Hmm, maybe I'll bring home a box one of these days.  The Toblerone Cheesecake is also a welcome challenge for me since I don't like cheesecakes either but we'll see about that.


  1. This is the second time I've read about Claudette's. I'd love to try this soon! ;)