Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Ordered

Twenty senator judges found Chief Justice Renato Corona guilty under impeachment article 2 or his failure to disclose his other assets in his SALn considering the 1987 constitution requires all government employees and public officials to properly disclose all their assets---cash, properties, jewels and cars to name a few. Three judges, on one hand, voted for his acquittal because of the following reasons: the accusation (article 2) does not fall under the impeachable offenses such as bribery and treason; there's not enough evidence from the prosecution to prove Corona's guilt; lastly, RA 6173 (requiring all government officials to declare ALL their wealth in their SALn) vs. FCDU Law (Foreign Currency Deposit Unit).

I am no law expert although I can still remember about due process,sovereignty, vox populi, vox dei, separation of powers and checks and balances. In the middle of this whole proceeding, I lost interest because of the prosecution's presentation of (fabricated?) evidence or witness to court. Listening to them is boring, not to mention not credible. Then, here comes the defense led by 'your henuer' former Justice Serafin Cuevas whom you'll hate (because he's in the wrong side) and love (he is a former cj, himself. a respected man on his field) both at the same time. The defense panel was soooo good that even if they look like the antagonists of the show, you can't help but get convinced with what they're saying because their arguments sound more logical to the ears.  
The decision to convict Corona is somehow I predicted although the result was something I didn't expect. 20-3 is too far although I'm 500% sure that Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago would acquit Corona and 1000% sure that Drilon and Pangilinan would hand a guilty verdict. It's obvious in their body language on how each stood up to defend their 'side.' Well, Angara's vote is also a giveaway since his handsome son is one of the house prosecutors.

2013 senatorial elections. 'Nuff said.

Revilla and Lapid's decisions are not that surprising as well. The latter, as he admitted it on live television, is no expert in law (he didn't reach college) so the probability that he will base his decision on emotions, sentiments of the public and not on the merits of the case is high. Well, Revilla for me is a rider...someone who loves to make sawsaw of the situation and project himself as someone who knows his laws well or someone who advocates the truth. I doubt it.  Legarda, well, is Legarda. 

The biggest surprise for me was JPE's decision. I thought he'd do a Miriam (acquit) come judgement day given his deep understanding of the law until yesterday when he asked Cuevas about 'culpable.' I told myself, pwede. And it did happen. 

If there's one good thing that this impeachment case have caused, it's awakening the minds of Filipinos. Many are saying that because of the recurring events in politics, Filipinos grew tired of hearing the same shit over again. But those who said that were wrong because Pinoys still care on national issues.

-How many times did impeachment-related words such as #waah, #gago, #JPE  and #palusot trended in the Philippines?
-How many drivers and households, despite the proceeding being said in the english language, would still stick to their TVs to listen and struggle to understand every latin word these lawyers are talking about?
-How many Pinoys participated on online forum/votes regarding their stand on the proceeding?

Filipinos were not that apathetic. They care. They observe. They become vigilant. They become more opinionated. It's funny that the impeachment proceeding suddenly turned almost every Pinoy to a constitutional expert or law interpreter to voice out their opinions in the ongoing case. Regardless of your status in life, work, gender, or age, this impeachment proceeding encouraged Pinoys to exercise their freedom to express their thoughts on what's happening in the country.

The impeachment is focused on Corona's alleged ill-gotten wealth and how he will defend it before the public who, most of them, see him nothing less than GMA who's a corrupt, power-clinging official. But I must say, the 80 plus year-old Manong Johnny stole the limelight. I did vote for him in the last senatorial elections because even if he's a trapo, he knows what he's doing, what's legal, what's just, what's sensible, what's good for Pinoys. Sure, he also has his skeletons hidden somewhere but you gotta admire his status as the presiding judge.He clearly upstaged CJ in this show. He was composed during the entire trial, scolding the prosec from time to time but he never lost his temperament even during the supposed 'walk out' of CJ from the court. And listen to his words...full of wisdom, of objectivity, of fairness. The Senate is lucky to have him as a presiding judge. 

Oh, and Farinas and his palusot was really entertaining yesterday. If not for him, I would not understand RA 6173 and the FCDU law better. My 'dream' father-in-law Sen. Bong-Bong Marcos speaks very eloquently, intelligently and reasonably. He made it appear that he's one of those judges who can prove his objectivity in front of the people because although he speaks the 'language of the learned and a Europe-educated man' he was able to express his thoughts clearly and very simply. Hindi naman halata ang bias ko sa kanya haha.

The senator-judges said their piece one by one, the votes had been cast and the decision was final. Finally, both chambers of the congress, especially the Senate can now attend to reviewing the pending bills which include the RH bill among the many others.I hope our officials will finally leave this chapter behind and start going back to their business. 

Well, I hope P-Noy will also start acting than talking, to think of measures on how to make life more bearable to every Filipino. To speak more of positive news about the country or what his government is doing in fighting poverty and joblessness than just criticizing CJ and other allies of GMA.

I hope Filipinos will vote more wisely. I wish they'll see it in their hearts who among the 20 senators voted out of 'conscience' and not because they're politically motivated. 

I wonder, if the impeachment happened after the senatorial elections, would CJ, backed by his defense panel, will receive a different verdict?Hmmmmm.

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