Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Told You Sooooo

While I was lying on my bed trying to take a nap in the middle of the scorching afternoon heat a while ago, I plugged the headset in my phone for some sound trippin' so that I could fall asleep faster. I admit that I haven't updated my song list in a very loooooong time. Would you believe that the last song I added was Dear John wahah So yeah, if you're reading this, feel free to suggest good songs. I will appreciate it, promise :-)

I always find myself listening to the same "most played songs" in my phone. These songs bring back memories and some people I met in the past. I have this habit of associating a song with a person kasi, that way, I can't forget them no matter how good or bad they were to me. Baet ko di ba?Hahaha!

Anyway, as I scanned my playlist, I was torn between playing Roselle Nava's Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita (yes, I have that in my playlist for my emo moments bwahaha) and Cheryl Cole's Fight For This Love which is a little bit groovy, if I may say. I ended up playing I Told You So by AI winner Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis for a couple of times. To be honest, I really have no idea who the guy was or that such song existed until a friend 's friend who later became my friend also introduced this song to me last 2009.

I downloaded the song as per his advice and immediately listened to it. After the song was finished, I texted him, I hate you. Ang sad ng song. It was. The lyrics of the song struck me!I thought it was the perfect song for the both of us since we can perfectly relate to it. Well, especially him.

How I wish I could sing that song loud and proud when the right time and the right person comes haha! For now, I'll just continue listening to it for my unexpected emo moments. By the way, I also checked the FB account of said friend and found out he's already in a relationship. Woooow, finally he has moved on!Honestly, I am happy for him because he can already sing Now I found somebody new and you would never break my heart in two again loud and proud. Way to goooo my potpot friend!

So anyway, I'll share with you the song and hopefully it won't depress you like it did to me hehe.

I told you so, oh I told you so
I told you someday you'll come crawling back and asking me to take you in
I told you so, but you had to go
Now I found somebody new and you would never break my heart in two again. 

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