Thursday, April 14, 2011

Puppy love or true love?

All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of the heart. When we think of him, we feel ummm always feel a little pain inside but we still want to keep him. Even though I don't know where he is today, what is he doing. But he is the one who makes me know this. A little thing called LOVE.
-excerpt from the Thai movie, First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)

Puppy love or true love?
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It was only yesterday that I was able to see the movie after a former officemate recommended it to me last Monday. Disclaimer: I won't make a summary or criticism of the movie. I'll just share my thoughts about it. I'm not much a sucker for love stories but I believe that this topic will always have a soft spot in every girl's heart.No, everybody's hearts. We like watching drama, action, comedy, and horror movies but it's undeniable that we stop once in a while to catch a feel good movie...that we usually find in love stories that offer happy endings. 

The movie is your ordinary teeny bopper film complete with these essential ingredients:
1. popular guy in school
2. an "ugly duckling" who is head-over-heels with this guy
3. mean girl in school
4.popular guy secretly likes "ugly duckling"
5. ugly duckling does everything to be noticed by popular guy
6. ugly duckling gets a makeover
7. ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. eventually, guys swoon over her but her heart remains loyal to popular guy
8.  popular guy's bestfriend likes beautiful swan
9. popular guy and bestfriend made a pact that they will stay away from each other's prospects
10. beautiful swan confessed her love finally to popular guy. popular guy, meanwhile, ignored her but deep inside he's happy yet hurt because he can't say his true feelings for her.
11. popular guy and beautiful swan will part ways
12...and met after a year or so.
13. the ending? 

Of course it's predictable! Almost 95 percent of love stories lead to happy endings right, so this one's a give-away. In addition, it's your usual TEENY BOPPER film, hello!If fairy tales capture every little girls' imagination that *sings like Snow White here* someday, my prince will come, teeny bopper films give hope to adolescent girls that they can experience or even find their true love once they hit their puberty stage. Agree or disagree?

Ugly ducklings of the school
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I won't pretend that I didn't enjoy the movie because I actually did---from start to finish. The punchlines, the cute dance movements of the female protagonist (she really looks and acts like Kim Chiu!), everything including the songs! The plot is very simple and everybody can relate to it easily, except if you haven't experienced falling in love which is impossible. Almost all of us at some point in our lives did crazy stuffs for that one person to notice, accept, and eventually love us.Those  pasimpleng sulyap (stealing a glimpse of him or her everytime you get a chance), pasimpleng papansin (making a "scandalous scene" just so you could be noticed by that person like singing or laughing in a very loud and unusual tone), and pasimpleng stalker moves (giving him or her an anonymous love letter or tracking where will he or she go next after her 9:45 class) are the "intial steps" for him or her to notice you. And when all of them fail, we have the plan B or the desperate tactics :-) 

Labdublabdub: close encounter of P'shone and Nam ;p
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Admit it, once in your life you did consider making love potions. Eh, still in denial?hahaha Once in your life, it did cross your mind to follow the different love rituals or superstitions that you watched on TV and claimed to be effective (I heard this once when I was young. To make your beloved fall in love with you, write his or her name on a paper, put it in a glass filled with water, and place it under your bed. During midnight, you will recite a chant and your beloved will fall in love with you.) Funny isn't it?Once in our lives we made fool of ourselves, gamble with destiny, and risk our dignity so that we would be loved back.And what do we get?

Just like many girls, I am guilty of exerting effort to look beautiful in front of that "one person" in hopes that that it would pay off. It did...only for a short time, though. And that's when I realized that I don't need him or his complements to feel that I am beautiful. I know I am beautiful. Although I'd be honest that I would, of course, love to hear his praises once in a while.

Nam's about to get her first kiss!
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I am also guilty of being his online stalker checking his fb everytime I log in. I am guilty of making pacute once in a while when we're talking on the phone or see each other. I am guilty of all these things, even the love potion thingy, it did cross my mind. Worse, the pikot! Hahaha but of course, I wouldn't resort to those kind of things. I love him too much that I won't do such a thing that would ruin his future. I would tease him though that I'd love to have a child with him but I'll vanish and he will never ever see me and his child. He'd just laugh at my silly idea. I'll join him. I was 75 percent joking and 25 percent serious though haha!

Just like any movie under the same genre, the joys and pains of falling in love was also shown.And let me put emphasis on the pains of being in love since I can relate with it more, I guess haha!

Say it!Say it Nam!
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It feels shit when you're being lied to. It feels shit when all the while, you thought that that person will keep his promised word, a pact that you both made with each other. It feels shit that after you've given your all, it's still not enough for him to love you just like you do. But you know what's the shit-est of them all?

It's when you're almost there...yes, the two of you...yet in the middle of everything, he chose to let go of your hand. WITHOUT TELLING YOU.

For the record, I am not that bitter about love, lovers, happy endings, and even him. In fact, even if things didn't work out as I expect it to be (ayan, assumera kasi haha), I am still thankful to him for everything---good or bad. I'm still thankful that I was given the chance to be happy, to experience love and maybe be loved in a very very short span of time. I was happy. I am still happy. And I know that someday, I will be happy.

The movie gave me an obvious lesson about love and life. There's hope that true love really exist! That someone is really meant for you. That no matter how long you've been away from each other, no matter how many relationships you had with other people, if you are really meant for each other, the world will conspire for you to be together again. Such a cliche, I know haha But love stories are supposedly cliche by nature right?Bleh;p

This is one of the cheesiest entries I made hahaha! And I blame the movie for that haha. Though once in a while, it feels good to be cheesy because I get acquainted with my romantic side. Lol
Happy endings: for real or reel?
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  1. Ang sarap magmahal at mahalin. <3 Yun lang. Very well said itong entry. I love it.

  2. i love the story! hahaha. lol :)

  3. hay .. sarap ma inlove ng ualang commitment hahah :)