Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IT's official

I came up with the title simply because the two important things that I'm looking forward to materialize (fine, the proper term is to formalize) already happened this week. Finally, thank you dear God for answering my prayers and relieving me from all my unnecessary worries.

Now, on to the story. 

It's official!!!!I'm set to start with my Professional Teaching Certification (PTC) program on the sixth while assuming the substitute teacher post on the eight. I'm really excited and nervous with these new endeavours in my life---juggling work and household chores is already a challenge since the last thing on my mind is to clean the house or prepare our food. But come November, I know that juggling work, household responsibilities, and studying will be a struggle for me. Suddenly I remembered Ms. Jingle's wise words while she was talking to me regarding my plans of leaving: Maybe you have too much on your plate; Why do you have to "punish" yourself; It's better to be good at one thing than being a mediocre on two different things. I admit that she really a got a point but I just realized that I need to push myself to the limit to see how far can I go. I need to do these things so that I can prove to myself that nobody can interfere with my plans or controls my life better than I do. And I'm hoping that everything will fall according to my plan *fingers crossed*

Positivity. Positivity.

Interview with the Directress
Despite my job hopping spree in the past and a series of job interviews, I still got nervous days before the big day. I know it's weird for me to feel that way since final interviews, more or less, are only conducted for formality's sake. Anyhow, the interview was smooth-sailing. The Directress was super nice and cool :) The moment I stepped in her office, I felt her warm reception. She was not intimidating at all unlike my Dominican grade school principal I'm a little bit afraid of back then hehe. She has a charming and very positive personality that's very evident on the way she speaks and tells stories. And mind you, she's really makwento and even shared various"inside stories" to caution, motivate, and guide me so that I won't take the wrong path. Amen sister. 

The highlight of the interview for me, by the way, is when she told me that I should be wise in making decisions especially in my personal life--- am I taking the path of single-blessedness, married life, or vocation? Hehe. Honestly, I'm not really paying much attention to this aspect of my life so I don't know which path to take. Whether "he" comes or not, life will still go on for me.But this I'm somehow certain: entering the convent is not an option for me. I can still serve God even if I'm enjoying my single-blessedness ;p

Anyway, I'm still expecting a call from them for our "coaching session." 

Enrollment day
I imagined long lines, overcrowded corridors, and a little bit chaotic mood during the enrollment period since I'm accustomed to this kind of scenario. But I was surprised that the whole enrollment process was hassle-free that it only took me more or less half an hour to pay my fees and get the books that I needed. Yipeeee!!! Talking about comfortability there huh?;p Anyway, a big thanks to Dez for accompanying me since I'm afraid to get lost in UP campus hahaha!Anyway, had our lunch in Flaming Wings since I'm really curious why a friend's raving about it so badly for some months now. I made a little research before about its Katipunan branch before and I was nervous that day thinking that when we get to the place, it would be full and occupied by many Areneans (not typo error haha). Thank goodness, we're one of the earliest customers :) The food was good and yeah, my curiosity's been satisfied. I was just disappointed with their wicked oreos since it's been getting good reviews so Dez and me decided to give it a try...only, we appreciated the vanilla ice cream more hehe
Flaming wings

Chow time with Dez after enrollment 
Mild and hot with cheese dip

Smokey barbeque with honey mustard dip

Wicked oreos

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  1. so yung mukhang autistic talaga na pic ang pinost mo? LOL. anyways, yehey for you! fresh starts! galingan mo :)