Monday, October 11, 2010

Recollection of a former WWE fan

Watching WWE nowadays is like tuning in to the defunct noontime show Wowowee---ANNOYING in million ways!

I love seeing LIVE action- flying fists, high kicks, and sometimes even blood haha! But I want the "real" thing or at least the more "realistically made thing." When I was a kid, I used to watch WWE with my titas, mommy and kuya everytime we chanced upon a good fight. By the way, a good fight for us means either Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, or Owen Hart vs. the "others." I enjoyed every moment and looked up to them as the strongest, fiercest, and most astig creatures in the land. So strong, so brave, so powerful---almost heroic!Kuya and I even imitated Hulk Hogan's signature pose everytime we made our own WWE version.
Too hot to be a grandpa: Hulk Hogan
Anyway, my love for wrestling soon died a natural death and was never ever resurrected again especially after discovering how "scripted" the show is. AND I THOUGHT EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING IS TRUE. Boooooo! So yes, since my realization day up to the present time I hate WWE even if Batista's half-Filipino or John Cena, I think, is one hot wrestler hehe.

Apart from being a "fraud," wrestlers in particular are bad role models for children. Okay, call me kj or loser but it's the truth. When I was in Grade 3, there was some sort of  a rumble involving two guy classmates who were both transferees. I don't know what triggered or how the fight started but from what I can remember, while the two of them were already getting physical (picture this: binalibag sa floor yung isa....Araaaaaay) my other guy classmates formed a circle around them and started cheering. An old classmate even played the devil's advocate on one of the "instant class wrestler" : ITURBO MO. That's the exact phrase. And he did, TURBO-ed the other guy, whatever that means;p Soon, our adviser came to the rescue, stopped the fight, investigated those who were involved, and the rest was history. Now I wonder where they are now since they only became our classmates during that school year alone.

Anyway, so see the point now?No matter how big or small the parental guidance reminder appears on the tv screen every single time it is being aired, there's no guarantee that children won't imitate their "idols." Why, my 16-year-old brother sometimes "demonstrated" to me how wrestlers do their rough stuff! Imagine, a teenage boy who's already capable of deciding for himself even lost his sense of reality that he's no Triple H but a struggling teen full of raging hormones! What do you expect more from the children who are curious, vulnerable, and experimental to try out the "cool" things they see on tv?

Hmmm, I think I'm starting to be too hard on WWE and its millions of fans all over the planet so I'll stop right here hehe. Plus, I sound a hypocrite and self-righteous witch talking about one, if not the ultimate,"dark side" of the said sport. Wait, is it even a sport?Now I'm confused haha. All I am saying is I WAS a big fan of wrestling but definitely not VIOLENCE. Wrestlers should be more cautious with their actions and words, even, because many children looked up to them as their heroes, role models, and even inspirations. Though they have this "annual event of giving back to their fans" still, they should set good examples especially inside the ring.

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