Wednesday, March 9, 2011

De-stressing thyself

Maybe it's the "vacation mode" atmosphere that's why I'm so very lazy the past few days even if I keep on reiterating that I'm one "busy" yuppie. As early as Sunday, I already told myself that I should accomplish this, finish that, and submit this one on time so that in the end I wouldn't cram that much. I've been a little bit successful but still I'm frustrated since I know that time is slowly running out and I need to work doubly hard if I want an early hassle-free vacation this summer.

Argh!This life's too stress-FULL to handle and I don't know if I can still manage it. I always find myself glued on the internet doing petty things that should have spent doing important works like rechecking of papers and answering books but I'm too tired to do all of these things as of the moment..or maybe, I'm just too lazy haha!Anyhow, I'm keeping my hopes up that everything will turn out fine especially in this crucial month. and that I would be cleared from all liabilities.I hope that my stubborn 43 anaks would all accomplish the forms that I told them to pass. I really hope they took my words very seriously because I need to implement that strict policy or I will suffer in the end...that's the last thing on my mind. I long suffered from this class physically and emotionally. So, let's just see if they will still be hard-headed spoiled brats. Makikita nila sino ang tunay na batas. Bwahahaha

And up until now, I'm still wondering why am I so lucky for landing this stressful job?Compared with my two other "batchmates" I felt that I was punished the most!My co-teachers already warned me of the toxic life of floating teacher. I thought they're just scaring me or something but then they are telling the truth. But I'll reserve my stories some other time. Right now, I am just de-stressing myself.

And speaking of de-stressing,  I just thought of posting my all-time favorite song Bliss by Alice Peacock ft. John Mayer (or is it the other way around?haha I don't care, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the song). I don't know what it is with this song but everytime I hear it, there's this magic that I ended up feeling refreshed, relaxed, and peaceful. It's my official stress-buster song! Lol.

It's such a disappointment, though, that I can't find a good video .Anyway, here it is,minus John Mayer on it.

Sanity, please don't leave me.Not at this point.