Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mission (un)Accomplished!

Disappointment is bad.
My ultimate goal for the day is to finish my final exam in one more subject but from the looks of it, it's either I  will do it tomorrow or cram on Monday night....and the submission is on Tuesday already!To set the record straight, it's not me being lazy at all. In fact, I am determined and motivated to finish this one last task for my schooling because that means I can focus more on accomplishing the requirements that I need to pass on time in school like recording and encoding grades, checking of test papers, reading IP reports that I haven't checked yet, organizing files of my advisory class, and finishing UBDs which I am 100% clueless of! Oh, Lord, I lift everything to You now. 

So what's the problem why my final exam is still on hold? My professor and her vague instructions! 

I'm really having a hard time with her subject...and the distance learning education as well. Self-studying is fine with me but if the concepts are too hard to understand, the teacher should at least make an effort to check from time to time if we fully understand everything in the modules. It's not enough that we answer the posted questions on the discussion board weekly. We need someone to process all these inputs and that's what I miss about the traditional classroom setup wherein teacher-student interaction is real time.If you don' t understand the lesson all you have to do is to ask your teacher to explain the concepts again and the teacher willingly explains everything to you---from start to finish. In our setup, it would take us months before our professors or tutors would give us a feedback on something that we assumed we comprehended. Worst, they give us activities regarding these lessons! How could you execute something if you don't understand its basic foundations?It's really hard right? Or maybe it's just hard for someone who is not A-smart like me haha!

 I just wish that she will reply to my email tonight so that I can start working on this one. I want NEED to finish it TONIGHT because there are many things that I need to accomplish this week so that the bulk of work during the third week will not be too heavy.

Good luck to me!

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