Friday, March 11, 2011

Signs of the times?

I'm really clueless as to what is happening today until mommy called a while ago.I just woke up and about to start my agenda for the day when she told me to watch the news. I asked why and she said that an 8.9 magnitude quake just hit Japan.

Catastrophe like this is just heart-breaking to watch. Never mind the infrastructures walloped by big waves. Never mind the cost of the damage to the properties. But people's lives that were taken away because of this unfortunate incident is the most depressing effect of this tragedy. 

The Philippines is included in the list of the countries that were given a tsunami warning and people living in 19 provinces that are at high risk or near the coast line areas are instructed to evacuate as early as now. Said tsunami is expected to hit these provinces between 5 and 7 pm and as of the moment, the beautiful island of Batanes expects tsunami to hit them anytime soon.

With all these unfortunate series of events that's happening right and left---strong earthquakes and tsunami to name a few--- the question of is the world coming to an end resurfaces once more. The Mayans predicted that 2012 would mark the end of the world.

I suddenly remembered a docu shown at Nat Geo last year regarding the 2012 myth. Although the arguments made sense, I'd like to believe that life on earth will continue beyond 2012. I simply believe. I have faith in God that He will not destroy the earth anytime soon. Maybe not in this lifetime.

Instead of speculating that the world is about to end, I think people should pray instead for the safety of everybody.Because during these times, I believe that God is our only hope and strength.May God protect and keep us safe.

PS: Let's pray for everybody's safety and most especially for the people of Japan to get past this tragic event in their lives.

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