Sunday, November 13, 2011

And the winner is...

Clearly, Juan Manuel Marquez is the "People's Champ" in this controversial 12 round bout. The decision really came as a surprise because the Mexican hotshot's camp is confident they are in full control of the whole fight since El Dinamita connected more punches than THE Pacman, who made a late comeback in the match. Luckily, it still paid off for him as Michael Buffer announced the "winner via majority decision" with a scorecard of 114-114, 115-113, and 116-112 all in favor of the gentleman from Saranggani.

Marquez's camp was disappointed while the Mexican crowd was fuming with anger, booing the now nine-world division titlist Pacquiao who's still on the canvass savoring his most controversial win ever. The judges stick with their decision. 

I really felt sorry for how the fight turned out for El Dinamita who really came prepared for this fight and treated the boxings fans all over the world what a boxing match should be---strong and sharp jabs, uppercuts, and combination punches and not just running around the canvass or keeping your gloves on your face 95% of the time just to survive the most crucial 12 rounds of their lives. Hello Mosley and Cotto ^_^

THE Pacman is THE PACMAN. From being a no-namer boxer he really worked his way up to where he is now after mercilessly and shamelessly sending the likes of boxing legends like De La Hoya, Barrera, and Morales down the canvass. And don't forget that epic KO of Hatton in the second round. He really has the power, the strength, and the speed to beat these guys. For these, he earned the respect not just of Filipinos but the whole world. 

Marquez is a tough and fierce fighter.I think he's the best opponent who could really bring out the best in Pacquiao. He could really match Pacquiao's power and speed. Isn't it obvious today? 
Pacquiao-Marquez III is definitely the best fight that Pacman fans had
in recent years. Credit here
Pacquiao was heavily favored to win this game. Marquez was challenged and thrilled to be this match's underdog since he's confident that he can pull off some surprises...and he didn't fail the crowd. Only, it was he who was surprised with the decision. In his post-boxing interview, Marquez claimed that this fight clearly shows he should be the one who's hailed as winner but unfortunately since he didn't give Pacman his own taste of the canvass just like what he did in one of their previous encounters, he didn't get to convince the judges why he should wear that belt instead of Pacquiao. In addition, El Dinamita admitted their camp will no longer contest the decision despite Bob Arum's offer for a Pacquiao-Marquez Part 4 sometime in May. Marquez seems to have other worthwhile plan brewing in his head---retirement. 

This post seems to be more of a pro-Marquez entry simply because he deserves it. Our own Pacman really did well inside the ring- quick and strong. He really gave a good fight and was able to land 117 punches on Marquez, who surprisingly have 100!

Pacman's still the MAN though. A win, no matter how controversial it is, is still a win. No one can take away the fact that he's one of the greatest boxers of all time...not even the Floyd "Chicken" Mayweather Jr. can contest that. It's just really unfortunate that he won this way.

In boxing, it doesn't matter how many punches you've thrown and how many of them got in to the opponent's face. A boxer can throw many and stronger jabs and combinations that might or might not land on his opponent's face or body but unless the judges SEE them as legitimate punches, you'll not earn a point.  After the sound of the final bell, Pacquiao emerged as winner. But if there's one thing that Marquez should be proud of in what is supposed to be his last match,  it's the respect he enjoys from Filipinos.


  1. it wasn't an easy win for pacman. in fairness, nanalo pa si "ninong" manny. from my perspective, lamang talaga si marquez eh. anyway, great article. news writer na news writer! :)

  2. Love your write-up! :) It's a little sad lang that the match ended this way. Pero I guess we can't do anything about it na. Marquez earned my respect though. :)

  3. Pacman fought hard but Marquez was hungrier, aggressive, and more determined to win. Well-researched and lolo e haha Unfortunately, nagcollaspse lang sa last 2 rounds so ang ending Pacman still won....tska siguro effect na din yan ng prayers ni Mommy D haha! oo, magaling akong news writer e bakit ba pak haha! atey, di ba we made an article in Ma'am villadolid's class about pacman and his Mexican opponent. Naalala ko na kung sino yun---si Larios haha kamote!tanda mo pa sya?

  4. thanks Sumi :) correct, if there's one thing that Marquez can be proud of, it's the respect he earned from Filipinos. He's a great and brave fighter like Pacman but then, he came short...or maybe the two judges did when they made the decision.

  5. parang supreme court vs. doj yung laban hehehe. nice write-up ;)

  6. I wasn't able to see this...

    Pinoy REPRESENT!!!!