Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Remembering LACE

I was actually torn between making an entry about scary/ghost encounters or paying tribute to the dead as my first post of the month. I ended up choosing the latter since it'll make more sense. Besides, I don't have much of scary/ghost stories to tell :)

The way he gave his last breath during that unfortunate 23rd of November in 2007 still plays vividly on my mind as if it happened only yesterday. It was really painful to let go of him but we know that it's better to end the sufferings and pains that his true condition (which he didn't know) caused him instead of seeing how his body deteriorated and his organs fail one-by-one. The sight of him agonizing in pain almost every night was really unbearable. Every scream he let out was shattering not only to our ears but to our hearts. And seeing him unconscious and helpless was insane because you're already anticipating for his end. It's insanely painful counting the months, weeks, days, and hours of his last moments here on earth. 

But the way he blamed alcohol and how he promised not to drink a single gulp of it was funny though haha Seriously, hearing him say those words really made me happy because finally, he admitted his mistakes...although it's too late. More importantly, the way he made peace with my mother was the best day of my life and I know it was for him also. It was really a touching moment. 

So kapatid, asan ka man happy ako for you because I know that you're in a better place now where pain brought by your condition was no where to be felt. I know that you're in a better place now because you've forgiven the people who hurt you and yourself. I know that you're in a better place now...kahit wala ng marlboro at redhorse dun. And we're happy for you...pero please lang, pag naman dumadalaw ka sa panaginip ko e no more habulan ng itak kalurkey ka naman e haha! But seriously, I really miss you. See ya in  my dreams kapatid! 


  1. WHoa! He was very young ... =( *hugs*

  2. I'm so sorry for you and your family's loss. *hugs* But you're right nga, at least now he's in a better place -- free from pain and worldly sufferings. I'm sure he's having a good time even with the absence of cigarettes and alcohol.

  3. AI don't know what to say. :( He's in a better place now. *hugs*

  4. thanks sissies:) I know that he's in a better place now kaya we're happy for him. hugs

  5. Made me remember my lil sister, too...:)