Monday, October 31, 2011


Too many bad vibes for me this month. The whole expectation/hoping thing really left me crushed on the inside. My thoughts were literally sabaw and it's awful that I kept on bugging other people with the most random and senseless things I could ever think of. My mind is full of negative things and endless WHYs.For some strange reasons, the month of October was really the "downest" moment of my life this year.

At the end of every storm, there's a rainbow. Indeed. I'm not really that a-okay but the last few days of October really gave me some "feel good moments" that eventually helped me to be more or less, at peace with myself again.

1. New officemates. They're crazy people! They unleashed the mean/dark side of me haha! Proof of which is joining if not initiating the bashing of our favorite people in the office. We even had our secret daily online "news source," with me feeding them with the latest and juiciest insider news haha! Seriously, it really helped me to shrug off the nega vibes. The corny and green jokes also helped me. Not to mention, pieces of advice---both crazy and sensible---from them.

2. Ukay breather. Aside from getting myself intoxicated when my heart starts to bleed for the nth time and for the same reason, I find pleasure in braving the four-storey ukay haven in Anonas. The ukay date with my friend Beth lessened my depression and in fact made me realize that splurging in ukay is better than getting myself wasted over alcohol since the former will make me happy and beautiful with my new finds. kebs kung wala ng budget!Beth was the usual late Beth Marcelo but she made it up by treating me to a McDo lunch haha sweet!

3. Praybeyt Benjamin. Winner!

4. Movie marathon with family plus sleeping together in one room every week...badtrip lang ang hilik ni itay!Parusa e :(

5. Chuck season 5 and New Girl. I am soooo excited to watch the premiere episode of the last season of Chuck. I just finished downloading it a while ago so in a while, I'll see my fave spies again...the countdown starts though :( Anyway, I'm also enjoying New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel (Summer of 500 Days of Summer). Back-to-back episode viewing starts later tonight :)

6. Sideline. Having a "kumikitang kabuhayan" aside from my regular job is really a blessing for me. The extra money is enough to settle my "unlimited" debts to my mother. Haha!

7. See my Kapamilyas. My ABS peeps aka the NACS Oldies will always have a special place in my heart, the reason why I always see to it that I get to see them once in a while. I'm really happy and proud of what they're achieving and doing. More importantly, I'm proud that most of them now are no longer afraid to spend their hard-earned money haha! The bonding with  Antipolo boys was really the night's highlight. First, Eddie treated our jeepney fare from Cubao to Sta. Lucia while Rei was generous enough to pay for my midnight snack haha It was really surprising and at the same time overwhelming that these once kuripot boys are nice to share their blessings to me. Bongga, mas mayaman na sila saken! Aside from being full with my coke float and fries, my ears were also satisfied with the latest chikas in the office haha!

8. The prodigal friend's back! After almost two months of pamumundok, my friend who went "missing" is back! I was really surprised when I opened my inbox a while ago and saw a twitter follower request from klarissc! I really couldn't believe it and was actually doubtful if she's telling the truth but when she picked up the phone, I knew it was for real. Welcome back kla! Haha now, my partner in crime is back haha!

These simple and mababaw things remind me of life's beauty...these simple and mababaw things remind me that I should still be thankful...these simple and mababaw things remind me that friends and family will be your guiding light here on earth...these simple and mababaw things remind me to be more appreciative of the things and people around you. I'm feeling okay, lighter, and little bit more positive now. Here's hoping for a better November...and December.


  1. simplest things in life are actually the grandest. :-)

    cheers for the remaining months. you'll be fine :-)

  2. Indeed. It's amazing how things so simple can mean so much. Have a happy November and December! :) (Isama na natin pati 2012)

  3. positivity it is for the coming months and years;) thanks guys