Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at SPCP

Many things can be associated with the December month.Of course on top of the list are Christmas, gifts, monito monita, vacation, noche buena, lechon, and of course, Christmas parties!

Just this week, I attended three parties in school---- departmental (meaning the GS dept. only), institutional (faculty, personnel, admin, and other offices), and of course my own advisory class' party. I wasn't able to take pics during the other two parties since I forgot my camera haha!

I'm still adjusting to the "Paulinian" Christmas tradition since I've been there for only a month so EVERYTHING IS A NEW EXPERIENCE FOR ME!As in NEW! I wouldn't elaborate further even if I want to. I'd better keep whatever it is that I want to say or comment about the school's celebration to myself. Maybe I'll get used to it as time passes.Anyway, here's some photos I've taken yesterday during the class' simple salo-salo.  
Awarding ceremony daw

The girls enjoying their salo-salo

Pretty girls

Trying to evade the camera


Smile girls

My Gr.6 girls
With my "bolerang" Gr.6 girls

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