Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank you long weekend, without you I can't update this blog.

I so love loooong weekends already because I'm already part of almost half of the population who rejoice on such glorious occasion. Long weekends mean bonding time with family, relaxation and fun together with friends, and enough time to attend to work-related matters and most especially the personal ones just like opening and updating my blog. Thank you loong weekend again haha!

I've already started working in SPCP three weeks ago, almost the same week that I started with my PTC program. I'm lucky that work and school are not that demanding. I only have one regular load at work while my teachers were not that demanding after all. Yes, everything's sailing smoothly and I hope that the tide will not change.

So how's my first three weeks as a teacher?Okay, I will no longer elaborate on this one since I'm tired and still sleepy. What I can just say it's that being a teacher is fun and at the same time tiring. Fun in the sense that you'll get the chance to interact with young individuals who are all smart, creative, energetic, and jolly. Plus,  hugs and compliments from them are really good stress relievers. Paulinians are very appreciative!

Tiring in the sense that students will not listen to me sometimes because they're too complacent that I'm harmless or I'm nice to them. They do cross the line but are apologetic of their misdeeds. Also, walking from building to another is also very tedious!

Okay, my thoughts are scattered. My stomach's empty. I'm still sleepy. Maybe next time, I'll have a decent post. But for now, this will do it.


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