Friday, November 5, 2010

RP not safe?

Not fair!Six countries issued travel ban vs. RP
I'm still wondering why oh why six first-world countries as of this writing already issued a travel advisory to the Philippines. Truth of the matter is, I'm not really updated with this report haha! All I know is that travel advisories were issued to warn foreign tourists that terrorist groups are now  targeting the Philippines. Upon my research (effort ito haha!), the "acceptable" reason is because of the alleged intel report that members of a foreign terrorist group is eyeing to spread fear around the Metro by attacking public places frequented by both local and foreign tourists. In addition, a recent report said that these foreign terrorists are already in the country and are now coordinating with ASG and other militant groups to plot their evil scheme. And that statement came from a Filipino expert! He even said that the terrorism threat is true and is actually intended to be carried out during the recently concluded presidential elections but did not happen. Buy maybe this time, it would (knock on wood). 

However, I also found an interesting article explaining another reason for such issuance of travel bans. It's THE almighty and all-powerful United States of America who first came up with a travel advisory a week after a failed terror attack in their country. And surprisingly, they suddenly warned their citizens about travelling to our beloved Perlas ng Silanganan even if they still do not have a lead as to the group responsible for this. What?! I mean, they've been attacked by some foreign terrorist group but I'm 100% sure it's not our very own ASG, MILF, MNLF, or NPA! Now, I'm pretty convinced that the article may be right. That after all, this travel advisory against us is a pure act of vendetta following RP's decision to review the VFA provisions, thanks to madame Senator Miriam "my idol" Santiago. Maybe this is their way of saying, you mess with our people and the "perks" that they enjoy in your country, we'll destroy your already bad reputation in the international community.

Perhaps, there is really a threat to our security as an expert said. Or maybe it's just a black propaganda against us. I do not know for sure which is true among the two. Personally, I would like to believe that the US is just taking it against us rather than entertaining the possibility that we're not really safe in our own motherland. It's more painful that way. The Philippines's reputation is already put in a bad light, no thanks to the Maguindanao Masscare and Quirino Grandstand Hostage incidents. And if indeed we're the next victims of terrorism, I hope that the PNP and AFP are really ready to defend and protect its people as they claim. We cannot afford to become the new face of breeders and haven of today's terrorist groups. We are peace-loving people and are renowned worldwide for our hospitality. Entertaining terrorists in the country is a sure no-no. 

Let's just hope and pray that, apart from the lifting of travel bans in the country, the Republic of the Philippines is free from any terrorist threats.

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