Saturday, November 6, 2010

I must sleep...after posting this haha!

For my eyes only
It was only last night that I felt the urge to use my computer eyeglasses again after my eyes kinda felt watery. You see, my ever-reliable blue eyeglasses accompanied me at work for a year (yeah, we shared a special bond haha) and since my resignation a month ago, I opted not to use it anymore. But last night, I can't resist the urge to use them again even if I felt dizzy while wearing them the other night and even up to this time. I miss my eyeglasses though, haha!

To be honest, I hate wearing my eyeglasses!I find no comfort wearing them but I have no choice. Oh, wait I do have a choice- a watery eye, that is. I think it's a big distraction to me since I always have to "keep them in place" every five minutes or so. There's a tendency for my glasses to slip in to my nose and I find it awkward.Gaaaah! It took me sometime actually before I finally developed a special connection, literally speaking, with them. Oh well.

Anyway, I find it funny that two days before I finally bid goodbye to being a bum, my eyes finally gave up on me after almost a month of abusing them due to excessive use of our home pc. I know, I know. I shouldn't abuse them. Anyway, I think I'll just keep it in a safe place since my work now no longer entails me to be in front of the pc for more than five hours a day. So yeah, after this we'll part our ways again. But before I do that to my pal, I thought of taking pictures of me wearing them just to see how I will I look. In the name of vanity, amen. Haha!And besides, I do not have a picture of me wearing glasses, except for my sunglasses of course. So here, three shots of me with my two additional eyes ;p

I don't feel like going tomorrow to the orientation for my PTC course!Tsk. Jeepneys do not pass along the building and since I'm afraid that I might get lost in the campus, I'll take a cab again instead. Nyahaha!Wishing that the rain will not pour tomorrow. Hay...

Off to dreamland, goodnightie :)


  1. Madie, i didn't know you wore glasses. I hate wearing mine too. Makes me look old. hayz. good luck sa orientation bukas. enjoy, enjoy! :)

  2. hehe it's because i only use it in work ;p