Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ang Bayan kong Pilipinas...bow

I'm somewhat frustrated simply because I want to unwind in some new and interesting place. Okay, I'm talking about real "out of town" vacation and not just the sige sige, gala ng gala type of relaxation which I share with my gala girls. It's true that the Philippines and its 7,107 islands has unique and beautiful places that needs to be explored... if only it's more affordable for every Juan dela Cruz. Sigh....lawmakers, can't you do something about this?tsss

Everyday of my life, and this I swear is true, I always visit the websites of airline companies or search in the internet cheap packages, both for local and international destinations. Hay, if only money's not an issue then probably, I'll make Hong Kong and Bangkong (it's cheaper here) my divisoria haha! Or make Boracay or Bohol my second home. Sigh....why are you so magastos travelling?why?whhhhhhhhhhhy? :,-(  

Perhaps, I'll just wait for the day when airline companies sold cheap tickets (which happens usually) or hope that maybe the government or lawmakers would propose a resolution, bill, or law that would give 80% discount to local tourists!That would be super cool don't you agree?

Anyhow, while I'm still earning a not so decent paycheck enough to sponsor me, I made a list of my top 10  local dream destinations which I intend to visit this year, next year, or maybe someday when I get filthy rich haha!

10. Acuatico Beach Resort 
I first fell in love with the resort after seeing a couple of shots from my former professor's facebook account. The infinity pool's such a beauty. And according to the website, there's a floating bar at the center of the pool, cool! I love love love its swimming pool (though I don't know how to swim yikes haha). It's a good thing that among my top 10 choices, it's the most accessible by land since it's only in San Juan, Batangas. The resort's a little bit pricey, ranging from P6,300-P21,000. But hey, included already are breakfast, all day complimentary tea and coffee, and USE OF WATER SPORTS FACILITIES! Fair deal  right?  
Infinity pool. Need to say more?
9. Soda Swimming Pool
I knew this place because of Travel Time. This resort in Camiguin is very interesting isn't it?Imagine getting yourself soaked up in a pool of coke...er pepsi?sprite? Anyhow, the place is a mystery and will leave you curious if really, soda swimming pool really lives up to its name.
Coke, sprite, or pepsi? you choose ;p
8. Enchanted River 
A beauty!Again, I've seen this in one of Travel Time's episodes and I'm just mesmerized how blue and clear the water is. Honestly, I can't even believe that such sight exists in reality since I'm used to seeing it only in postcards but after watching it on TV, wooooooooow! By the way, two interesting things about this river in Surigao del Sur: people who swim here don't dare to catch fish for unknown reasons and the local government strictly impose that no locals should be in the river during feeding time. Hmmmm....
Enchanted River
7. Camiguin Island
I don't know why but the place simply appeals to me.period. hehe
Sunken Cemetery is one of the island's main attraction
6. Bellaroca Resort and Spa
Okay, I'm not really a beach person but this resort simply won my heart. Just look how beautiful and dramatic Bellaroca's location is. Some say the place resembles Greece...hay I'm simply mesmerized with its beauty. Sadly, it's a luxury resort which I, and even my family, cannot afford
So-called Little Greece of the Philippines
5. Dahilayan Adventure Park
One word: Zipline! Hehehe I want t try the so-called longest zipline in asia!waaaaaah
Asia's longest zipline can be found in Bukidnon
4. Tinuy-an Falls
The Philippines' Little Niagara Falls. Simply breathtaking.
Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao del Sur
3.  Palawan
So much to see in Palawan, but really the reason why I'm very much eager to go to the place is to experience St. Paul Underground River :) Hay, can't wait to see you soon...
I'll see you next month :)
2. Sagada
Ah, let's explore the northern part of the country!hehehe Well, aside from the freezing temperature, what excites me to see the place is the...hanging coffins haha. Really, it's the most interesting attraction for me although I know the province has more to offer than the coffins of their ascendants.
Hanging coffins
1. Batanes
And since I'm already talking about going north, my top pick is tadah---Batanes!There's so much fuss going around about this place and why not?It's beauty is subliminal. Too bad, going there is pricey...I hope the local government or DOT will do something about it.
Going north..north...all the way to the north
So there goes my top 10 local dream destinations. Maybe, for the next 10 years of my life, I'll try to visit each place...hmm, that's a good challenge for myself right?hehe


  1. sa bella roca ako maghohoneymoon. itaga mo yan sa moon. LOL.

  2. oo, eh ikaw mapapangasawa ko eh. LOL.