Monday, September 6, 2010

Zambales: the second time around

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes-Marcel Proust 

The good thing about travelling is seeing, discovering, and exploring not only the place but also getting acquainted with its people, cuisine, and culture. As Proust said, travelling is not limited in seeing new places alone but it's real essence is to know the real place. I think aside from the beautiful scenery, it's the eagerness to learn more about the place itself why there are people who keep on returning to the same exact place. I believe every place needs to be rediscovered to fully appreciate it.

And that's what I learned from my short yet nice trip back to Zambales some two weeks ago, a big thanks to the Fabrigas family for the accommodation of course. The reason why we went back to Zambales is because of ate GA's house blessing. We missed the house blessing itself since we came all the way from work in Manila and arrived at lunch time. We were treated with a heavy and delicious meal:) The day was actually spent basically in ate ga's house and some photo ops in La Paz. 

The next day was exciting. Treetop adventure yehey! Finally, something new to explore and experience. That's what I am talking about earlier---the good thing about travelling is to explore the place first and rediscover it to finally know the place. If my first trip in Zambales way back in May was only limited to attending fiesta and soaking in the waters of Anawangin Cove and Camara Island, now I can say that this time around, I had a fair experience of extreme adventure. It was really really great haha! I have a slight phobia of heights but still, I managed to enjoy these thrilling adventure experiences. Maybe until next time, I'll try the other "extreme activities" that Treetop adventure offers.

The place to be for adventure seekers in Subic
First stop: Interactive Freefall
Silver Surfing...surfing in the air
Surfin' solo
I'm ready!
'Twas an experience for the both of us
Ate GA's Tree-Drop Adventure
So there you go, discovering Zambales for the second time around. No waters, waves, sun, and sand which is far from what I experienced  last May...just trees and trees and trees and a couple of shouts here and there. Oh by the way, just to share that one-day summer vacation in the said province, I can say it's one of those trips that will always hold a special place in my heart. You may ask why? I almost died during my stay, literally and figuratively lol Seriously, whatever happened during that trip was really a new experience for me --- attending fiesta in the province, deadly chubibo ride, exploring Anawangin Cove and Camara Island, boat ride without a vest, mechanical failure of the boat hehe, and unstable stomach. Anyhow, both short trips are unique and adventurous in their own ways. Looking forward to going back and experiencing another adventure in Zambales.

Jumpin' with glee in La Paz

Enjoying sunset

Anawangin girls
View from the top...ah...anawangin
First time in Anawangin
Giving Camara Island some l-o-v-e