Wednesday, September 1, 2010

of buses and beauty pageant

I should've made a couple of entries last week  regarding my Zambales-Subic short trip, the hostage crisis, and Venus Raj if only our pc was not busted!Major major BOOO especially if you're in the middle of doing something very important and snap!----everything was dark tssssk.

Anyway, I'll save my short Zambales-Subic entry next time so I can upload some of the pictures I took using my phone hehe. For now, I'll have a quick entry on my thoughts on the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking crisis and Ms. Universe pageant. 

Quirino Grandstand crisis
Manila's finest...really now?They're brave yes, but they lack the brains to come up with better strategies
It was the major news of the day, if not the whole week..hmm, maybe even the month!I mean, one week already passed since the tragedy happened yet the issue remains very "hot." Chinese people continue their "hate campaign" against Filipinos (I get it why they're upset and all that but they're not thinking!Rolando Mendoza is not Juan dela Cruz, how hard it is for them to understand that?!?) and criticize P-Noy, the world condemns the tragedy, the blame game is definitely on, House Minority members blame P-Noy's poor handling of the crisis (classic trapos if not tutas), police personnel and students taking pictures of themselves in front of the Hong Thai Bus (shame!), and the relieve of top MPD officers pending the incident's investigation. But what really caught me  is the way the police handled the crisis!Okay, so they lack the equipment but poor strategy?cmon!they can do better than just hitting the windows with a single sledgehammer or trying to open the bus' door by tying a ROPE on it...a rope?seriously now. The thing is, they should've thought of better strategies in order to compromise their lack of equipment. Oh well, it's a wake-up call to the government and the police.

Major Major answer
Venus Raj's major major answer will definitely be remembered by us Filipinos. She almost had it but then as she said on one of her interviews, if the crown is not meant for you, no matter how smart or good your answer is, it will not be yours. Amen to that! Oh well, fourth place wasn't that bad and she has all the reasons to boast that achievement to her predecessors, with the exemption of Miriam Quiambao of course, since she's only the Ms. Universe-Philippines candidate who faired well during the prestigious pageant.
Nothing major major to be ashamed of

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