Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quiet please

Silence is the true friend that never betrays- Confucius

I love the sound of silence even if it's deafening. Er, okay let me clear my point since there are two types of silence-the good and the bad. The good kind of silence is synoymous to calmness and peacefulnes-the one that's very conducive for studying, working, and yes SLEEPING. The other meaning is total ignorance- the kind of silence that tortures and even kills you. You know, the kind of treatment you get from a person whom you have wronged big time but is not talking to you or prefers to ignore you. Simply put it, you're placeed under the silent treatment program.

Of course, we all prefer the former definition of silence-calm and peaceful. Who wants to be caught in the middle of a chaotic state right?

What do libraries, seminaries, churches, monastaries, and even retreat houses share in common? They have high regard for silence. Try studying and understanding a difficult lesson in a club-like ambiance where loud music's being played or meditate in a place where you can hear a lot of shouting and cursing. Let's see if you can still concentrate. Even if they are public places, the purpose why they're built, I think, is for us to enjoy a place where noise and distraction are absent in order for us to find time to relax our minds, reflect and search our selves, and pray to the Father.

I'm hating the office atmosphere lately simply because of the noise and distraction that I'm experiencing (which I share with my workmates). Working in a graveyard shift is fun since you can count by your fingers the people who are present, thus creating for a more conducive working environment that's free from distractions that I get to experience when working in the morning. Lately, I'm saddened by the fact that the "sacredness" of the graveyard shift (read: quiet environment because of two things-working or sleeping lol) is slowly fading away if not, disrespected. Yes, I am very irritated right now with the other people here in the office who are insensitive to their colleagues. I mean, I get it that you're just having fun with your officemates in the middle of work but they have to remember that workplace is not a playground where they can freely shout or yell on each other. Worse, it's not a place for your jamming sessions! What the hell is wrong with them?! I'm simply pissed off. Period.

This says it all.

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