Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unidentified place of birth

I decided to finally apply for an SSS id a while ago since my new employers required me to get one (sorry to say, I cannot present them my id since the lady I asked in the counter admitted she's clueless when will I get the ID. She assured me though that it will be sent via (snail) mail in our address) so I left the office past 12.

I went to SSS Cainta Branch after I have confirmed that they're accepting members who want to have their ID pics taken unlike the ruling two years ago wherein the applicants were asked to proceed to the main office in Diliman which is quite hassle. 

I arrived at exactly 12:50 and was surprised that the room is jam-packed! I was instructed to get an application form, filled it out, handed my form to the guard who in turn gave me a number, and waited for my turn to be called. I panicked when I saw the big number 83 on tiny pink paper that was given to me. Wiiiiiiiiiild! Number 83? Seriously.

40...41..42...pass. The guard shouted while having his roll call.

Great. Just great. 

It took me more or less 30 minutes before my number was called. So yeah, in all fairness to the staff, they're efficient since waiting time is tolerable....plus, the aircon is in its full blast so waiting for my turn is really comfortable.

The second stage of the application is the verification of data. The lady asked for my application form, double-checked if I am the real Madelaine Joy C. Estrada by presenting my postal and TIN IDs, had my fingerprints taken, and voila!I'm done. Less than five minutes.

And now, I'm on the last stage: data capture.

I was surprised that having your ID picture taken in SSS is very strict  as compared from my data capture experience in NBI wherein the people wouldn't care less if something's already singing I'm coming out to your nose. The lady staff asked me to pull up my hair and remove my earrings. I want to protest and bargain that I won't smile in exchange of my hair resting on my shoulders but I gave in to her request for fear that she will change her mind and will no longer take my picture.

Everything's going fine until...
lady staff: saan ka pinanganak?
me (confidently): sa Quezon City po. Capitol Medical City yung name nung hospital
lady staff: oo nga sa Quezon City pero saan doon? ang dami kasing lumalabas. San dun?
me: alam ko lang po sa Quezon City e
lady staff: kelangan namen yung specific place sa Quezon City e. Sa Project 4 ba, 6, 8, ganun. Sa E. Rod. ba?
me: sandali po tatanungin ko.

And so I hurriedly dialed mommy's number confident that she knows where the hell in QC she gave birth. She told me that it's somewhere near Panay and Quezon Avenue but the lady staff told me that the place is still not in their database. I called up daddy and asked what place in QC will Quezon Avenue fall into?He was firm in his answer: Quezon Avenue. Amp.

The lady staff asked for reinforcements but none of them cannot pinpoint its exact location. I'm feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed already since I'm delaying other people's application also.

To make the story short, we ended up making a guess hahaha.I made use of my super talent in geography and suggested that maybe it is in Diliman after remembering that Panay Avenue is really in Diliman. She somehow accepted my "educated guess" and joked that she will research the whereabouts of the place for future reference. Lol.

So where is CMC located? According to their website their official address is in Quezon Avenue corner Scout Magbanua, Quezon City, Philippines.


CMC is conveniently situated at the heart of the “Health Care and Wellness Hub” of Quezon City, Philippines. CMC is within minutes from whatever you want to do and wherever you want to do. Located along Quezon Avenue corner Sct. Magbanua St., Quezon City, just minutes away from coffee shops, Filipino, American, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean and Spanish restaurants, shopping malls, parks, bookstores and spas.

Capitol Medical Center is located in the heart of Quezon City, and is accessible via public transportation. For directions on how to get to CMC please refer to the map below. 

Location map of Capitol Medical Center
The map should be helpful but not this time
Despite this description, I know the lady staff won't still accept my answer haha!

Seriously, where is CMC located? Geez, what if I'm not really born there? What if my mother is not really whom I think she really is? What if this life that I'm living is not real?

LOL. Drama much. Hahaha
Time to do some location searching...


  1. What if my mother is not really whom I think she really is? What if this life that I'm living is not real? -- AMP! :))

    Putok ka daw sa kawayan teh. So baka taga-Meycauayan ka. Bwahaha! Okay, ako na ang corny :))

  2. haha ikaw nagsabi nyan hindi ako