Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ninoy.Macoy.People Power. Media's Fault?

What if Ninoy Aquino wasn't killed?
Did Ferdinand Marcos really ordered Aquino's death?
How did Aquino and Marcos ended up as archenemies?
Will Aquino succeed Marcos if he he wasn't killed?
 Why do you need to watch this video clip?

I was about to sleep until a good friend told me to watch this interesting clip so I waited patiently until the video finished loading.

The verdict: Worth-watching.

Maybe the late Ferdinand Marcos was not that bad as the media "demonized" him to be and history portrayed him especially to the younger generations. I believe that minus the Martial Law Declaration, Marcos is the greatest, if not one of the best, leader the country ever has! The video simply highlighted his remarkable achievements as president and it's just sad that his political career ended that way. It's really sayang.

And referring to my last question above, I think this video is worth-watching because it gives the other side of the story (although we're not sure if all the statements mentioned are all true and based on research). We already know how the Marcos government was overthrown---through the peaceful People Power. But what I really like about this video is how it pointed out why PP became the most peaceful uprising in world history and I'd like to say that I certainly agree on the point presented on the video.

Marcos' image is that he's a dictator, greedy with power, and a bad ass. But Filipinos especially those who are already alive during his regime, can't deny the fact that he has done soooo many things for the country that his successors failed to do. I am not a Marcos supporter and I don't care if the one who created the video is a hard-core Marcos supporter but I really appreciated this clip for being brave to create such clip that would somehow help other Filipinos understand that Marcos, despite his flaws and mistakes against us, is a good leader. 

Anyway, I won't discuss the issue that much. I'm no historian or political analyst to do that.

By the way, Happy 113th Philippine Independence Day to all Filipinos nationwide.

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